Wats missing urgently or may be confusing in LR

  • After playing around 1 month and a half , I discovered that this game has potential and is kinda okay for explaining the game to newbies. Of course ,when the quests grows in numbers and you know , playerbase too , cause I've seen it grow little by little. I'd say now that this game lacks interface even tho the hotkeys in options are good. Here's a list of the things that are confusing or missing for a game like Linkrealms

    1. Dragging the spell images from the spellbook and placing them around like you wish ( suggested from Ultima Online , i'm pretty sure it's easy to add. Also I was wandering about the program used for the developpement. )

    2 Multi clients ?! Yes , no ? I heard rumors about someone doing so. Been wandering how he does it.

    3 A Mapbook or something to unite your maps togheter.

    4 Sometimes when you try to close a window like a bag or character sheet. It wont work unless you click in a corner or at certain spots , and It would be very nice if it would close if you right click anywhere.

    5 I know it's long and it's asking a lot of time but the wiki is pretty empty. I couldn't learn much there. I'll try and help it

    6 When u start a character you should all the skills at LOCK or something , cause 700 skills caps can get lost real quick if you do the questline at start , they make you do all kinds of stuff that maybe you don't want later on. Anyway. Still my opinion.

    7 Review this cockerel thingy cause now I cant see what's worth and what's the point.

    8 Get rid of silverkeys and make the doors just like containers or wth.

    9 Somekind of arena for pvp practice in town ?

    10 Humanoid Slayer weapons works on players too ? Cause I've been watchin this for a while and it doesn't seem to do much more than any actual wep

    11 Too much chests to lockpick around , even tho they don't give much , I can make 1k argents by opening 4 chest on top of bank. people always open those to spill it on floor and such. Make some of the you know hidden chests hidden thing

    These are all my opinions and i'm saying this only in a friendly way , I like the job you're doing and I really feel like I don't wanna watch this game dyeing.

    Also I wanted to know what was like the devs schedule about Linkrealms. How much time a week/month ? hehe just want to know. I'm curious and I wanna help if you guys struggle hahah - I will edit it as I find more opinions or things

  • A lot of interesting points here @Mal , I'll try to address a few:

    1 - We are going to implement a hotbar soon - way more modern than the UO way. Game engine is custom written. Or did you mean the programming language?
    2 - Yes, but limited. Have a look here.
    6 - You can always lower them by setting their arrow down once you have reached the cap. The total sum of your skills doesn't influence the growth rate of single skills, and crafting skills are not counted in the cap, so there's no problem if you hit 700.
    10 - They don't, it's only for humanoid monsters.

    We are three people working full time on the game, plus a freelancer and volunteers as Game Masters / Moderators :)

  • Nice thanks for the answer buddy. Great job I knew it was customized and yeah was talking bout langague speaking @Prometheus

  • i can add the correct names and some other ideas of what we need ASAP :D

    1. TRASH cans for the forge, tailor and the bank
    2. MAPBOOKS, yeah like runebooks on UO and you can tailor them, add and remove maps, it can even have charges.
      3)SMELT Metal items to reforge, yes since we all know 90% of the loot is trash, why not give them some use, lets ssmelt and get them as ingots again.
    3. CUT leather and cloth Items, yes lets put scisors to some use and cut all that trash armors
    4. NPC that act like teachers, for medium money they can teach you up to 10 points of any skill, some of them need to be hidden or in dangerous areas
    5. WEIGHT propety listed on the hover of any item
    6. COMPARISON of items, so we can easy decide what items to sell or wear
    7. AUTOLOOT argents Pets (only for argents no for items)
      9)SCALE vendor/buyer

    keep up he good work

  • or give cockerels a breed able trait that they will loot argents off corpses so could do that and follow

  • Heh yea like these suggestions , those I forgot and yeah thanks also for helping me finding ideas for LR


    A simple thing and I see some beginners suffering, and the name of the summons in the hotkeys, could be equal to scroll

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