Can't log in!

  • i have been waiting 10min and still saying this. alt text

  • Same hapenned with me! I can log to my other account that is not linked with steam , but the linked eith steam is not working

  • @Ralcane @vorgoth333 I've just tried logging in with several different accounts (both steam and external) and all seems to be working fine. Were you doing anything special when you logged out before not being able to log back in? Were you disconnected perhaps? If you were disconnected, do you know why?

  • @Prometheus Yes i had conection issues with my net, then i closed game and reloged fast, then i did click on wrong character, i wanted the other one and close window, now 30min and i cant log with that account. I did log with another account and DarkMiraxus its online in the Friend List, but not in Guild List. Also tried rebooting computer. Also tried on another computer and nothing.

  • @Ralcane @vorgoth333 I confirm we are having server issues. We will be performing an emergency restart in a few minutes.

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