staff vanished out of my hands

  • had a staff equipped when went to work that was fully charged and enhanced thunderbolt that I spent money on to get to 250 dura and had about 50 charges of bless on it. came home from work and it is no where to be found. was in my hands when left and was in my house where nothing could attack me so didn't break. any help would be much appreciated

  • ? sounds like some corrupt stuff on the server to me

  • was in my hands and nothing can get in my house. was still alive as well

  • @fah-que its probably a legit bug, get a hold of the GM's they should sort it out for you

  • Houses aren't nearly as secure as you might think.

  • I had to remove a lot of spam again from this discussion.

    @fah-que I've just contacted you via private message. If it's a bug, it's a first, no one ever reported losing an item like this. We'll figure it out!

  • I leave my game running so was afk. do I just message you back?

  • was on Fah Cue who I will leave logged in and was in my house. was enhanced thunderbolt staff that dropped form griffon bosses. poison griffon I believe. was the dragon head looking one. if u need any more info let me know and will be happy to provide it. the staff dura item is in the bank of fah Que and can see the charges missing off it and used 4 uncommon blesses on it. don't know if any of that will help or not

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