Multi-Accounting Rules - FAQ

  • Hi everyone,

    these are the rules for the ownership of multiple accounts in Linkrealms. Please have a look at our Terms Of Service too if you haven't already.

    Can I own multiple accounts on Linkrealms?

    You are allowed to own multiple accounts. If you own more than one account, however, you have to report that through your account management page. Plus, the simultaneous use of multiple accounts is not allowed, as explained below.

    What are the restrictions on the use of multiple accounts?

    In general, multiple accounts are restricted to what we like to call "fair use". You might want to own multiple realms, or just to have more characters than the 6 allowed per account. The idea is that multiple accounts are simply an extension of your first account.Therefore:

    • You can't have more than one account logged in at the same time, disregarding if they are being used on the same machine or not and disregarding the location of the characters.
    • You can't use proxies or other means to lead us to thinking some accounts don't belong to you. Seriously, it's easy to catch for us.
    • You may not use multiple accounts for the purpose of controlling certain in-game locations (leaving unskilled characters AFK, ghosting, etc). Such accounts are extremely easy to recognize for us - and therefore, extremely easy to ban.

    How do I report the fact I own multiple accounts?

    It's simple. Open your account management page and look for this form:

    alt text

    Enter the name of all the accounts you own (besides the one you have just logged in with) in the box. Press "Submit" after each entry. After submitting a username, you will finding it listed below as such:

    alt text

    The only thing you have to do now is log out and log in to the account management page with the account(s) you have reported. You will find the request you've sent below the form:

    alt text

    Just press CONFIRM and you're done!

    What is the punishment for unreported multi-accounts?

    If they haven't been unused unfairly, you might be just prompted to report them. If they have been used unfairly, the fact they were unreported is an aggravating factor to determine your punishment.

    What is the punishment for unfair use?

    Most likely a permanent ban of all your accounts. Could be less if the infraction is not a serious one. The decision is at the sole discretion of the staff.

    Thank you for your contribution to making Linkrealms fair place for all players.

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