Multi-Accounting Rules/Security Theatre

  • I'd request clarification on:

    You may not use multiple accounts for the purpose of controlling certain in-game locations (leaving unskilled characters AFK, ghosting, etc). Such accounts are extremely easy to recognize for us - and therefore, extremely easy to ban.

    • What are the minimum requirements for a character/playerto not be considered the above?
    • How do you plan on detecting/confirming the above?

    • If accounts are in violation of the above, will you punish exclusively the perpetrating account, the perpetrating account and the owner's other accounts, or all accounts that helped in controlling the node?

    • Do you have any desired effects with this rule change, namely reduced ability to produce items, or is it purely for scouting?
    • Why did you decide to allow three accounts with five characters and 1 realm each, instead of one account with fifteen characters and three realms?

    Even with the absolute strictest interpretation of all of these rules, I can see several legal ways to control nodes in the same way we used to. The easier option, however, would be to ignore the rules and just use proxies/VMs. I've kept several of my accounts proxied/registered under different names, and I'm 99.99% certain you couldn't reasonably associate them with me given months to look.

    I completely agree that Linkrealms would be better with a single account per person in most respects, but that's impossible to enforce and your suggested ruleset has significant loopholes. I would request you put off the implementation of these rules slightly, and allow a public discussion of it prior.

    In the exact same way as the prior anti-scouting patch, this will not negatively affect those with malicious intent, or those willing to use loopholes, while simultaneously making the game worse for those who don't. Many of the people I play with macro their tailors while dungeoneering, or leave their lockpicker afk waiting for Lizzgoth maps to collapse while doing whatever on their main. These rules will be a very, _very_significant reduction in the rate at which one can farm/process items.


    Holya everything u will say, will be used against you
    This new rules are simply against your toxic conduct of game, because only you own the half of accounts database....

    Relax and play some other game meantime your mind think how to break these new rules.....

  • @Meziljin I suspect you overestimate how much this will affect me. I would have, since F2P, used scouts much less than other people in this thread, assuming they're being used to the same degree as prior. It seems reasonable to assume more, since, ya'know, free accounts now.

    I would legitimiately prefer a game without scouting, but I will, as many others will, use every reasonable advantage given in these kinds of games. At the moment scouting is a reasonable, easy to obtain advantage. With this new ruleset scouting is a reasonable, still pretty easy to obtain advantage.

    On a side note, I'm pretty sure I'm getting Vindictive Gladiator in WoW this season, have been playing other games a lot :p and toxic is a catch all polarizing suggestion. Like girls that call their relationships "abusive" without specifying how. If you wish to publicly criticize me, please use specific actions I've taken as the subject, without adjectives. Regardless this should be a discussion about how these rules do, or do not work, not about me.


    Where is the downvote button? o,o

    They removed it when VAN downvoted Prom/Pain to negative ~200 rep.


    sry i refuse to read you, your troll policy is famous.
    All lies, imho, and the fact you are the only one crying here demonstrate who really affect these new rules :)

    Enjoy WoW, when still he is online, because i think soon it will be obsolete


    look how many gamebreakers are coming out LOL

  • @Meziljin ofc! hehe, talking the one who has like 6-7 realms in volcano area, thats why the rat ninja assassin is crying, and really he needs 2 accounts for lockpicking? lol.


    We will not disclose how we will detect these players, just know that using multiple accounts at the same time will result in a permanent ban of all accounts belonging to that player. There is absolutely no multi-accounting allowed, you may own multiple accounts however you may not be logged into more than one at a time. Also, any attempts to find a "loophole" around these said rules will result in a permanent ban. Keep in mind that just because a rule does not specifically state that something is not allowed does not mean that it is.

    @Holya are you saying you will continue doing this and ignore these rules? Even if you do not technically do it, admitting to it is just as bad and may also result in a ban.


    @ItaloBrasil @vorgoth333 @Meziljin please do not reply if you do not have something to add to the conversation, calling someone names and calling them out for voicing their concerns is not allowed here, take it to the Duels&Battles section if you must.

  • @Pain assume everything I say in this thread is hypothetical, and purely to give insight into a degenerate's mind to help prevent them exploiting the rules.

    Also, any attempts to find a "loophole" around these said rules will result in a permanent ban. Keep in mind that just because a rule does not specifically state that something is not allowed does not mean that it is.

    This is currently the thing I dislike most by far about this game. In my opinion, the ruleset, and moderation is awful. How am I to differentiate what is seemingly arbitrarily decided to be ok, or not ok? It's unreasonable for the moderators to expect players to interpret rules as they intended. It's specified it's never okay to loot items with a macro, but when I PM prom asking about exceptions, it turns out it's fine to loot some things in safe areas, and one could make millions are day macroing them legally.

    It's a little bit off topic, but I was briefly banned for the guild name "Pedophiles Anonymous" because it "encouraged real world crimes", or some such. I've absolutely zero trust in your ability to moderate and considering this is the kind of game where one sinks hundreds/thousands of hours into an account, I feel that's a very valid concern from a player.

    You cannot discern who an account belongs to if the owner doesn't want you to, and is even semi-computer literate. Trying to dispute this is laughable. I know your team knows you can't, and honestly it's a little insulting that your rules imply you can.

    If one were malicious, the first thing they'd do to exploit this rule is use their network of accounts you can't discern are theirs to frame their enemies for scouting. If the IP/account name/PC name/PC settings/Specs/Inputs/whatever else you're checking don't match anybody, who will you punish? It seems it'd be either everybody or nobody. If it's everybody, I would abuse that to ruin others. If it's nobody I'd abuse it to help myself.

    This is without even getting to the potential loopholes. Is it okay for me to log out a character a dungeon, and login every 15 minutes? Is it okay for me to have my friends keep a character online to scout a node for me? Is it okay for me to macro my stealth to just roam between every node? A circuit only takes ~15 minutes, or less with enough teleports in your network. Plenty of time to catch anybody doing any dungeon.


    @Holya I wasn't told anything about there being any exceptions. We have rules in place that we expect our community to follow, some rules are not enforced as much as others, we do not feel we should ban someone for bumping their post before the 24 hour mark however something such as posting someones personal information we take more seriously. The best way to avoid punishment is to follow the rules and not try and find ways around them. We do not want to ban anyone if we can help it however depending on the severity and how many times a player has broken a rule we will then deliver a reasonable punishment.

    As for your Guild name, I was not the one who delivered the ban however you are lucky it was only temporary as we do not allow that sort of content or behavior in our community.

    I am not part of the development team however they feel they will be able to detect most multi-accounting attempts. Of course nothing is 100% detectable, there are ways around everything however if you are caught it will be a permanent ban on all accounts belonging to that player, simple as that. We will not punish a player out of pure assumption.

    It is best to avoid trying to find loopholes, as most of what you are asking for is some of what we are trying to prevent. If you wish to take the time and manually log into each account to scout then I don't see why not, as long as you do not have another account logged in at the same time.

  • @Clavicus @Holya @vorgoth333 @Meziljin let's continue the discussion here.

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