Huge Bugs


    When you try to decrease your Battle tactics, it won't let you. I wanted to Lower battle tactics and keep my concentration at 50. But when I press lower for Battle tactics it makes the arrow on concentration go up. They are somehow linked.

    I have 725/700 skills. From poisoning. Or a bug. Now my character is fucked because I can't fix the battletactics. I don't want them.


    To clarify sry im tired. I was able to train 23 points of poisoning. so I was at like 723/700 skills. Which shouldn't be possible.

    Also the poison master isn't spawning or at reset he wasn't there.

  • y u so beastly zY?

  • LoL. You broke the game sir.


    yah.. 4 skills are currently in the same shape
    spiritualism is linked with staff fighting.. you point one up..or down or locked.. it does it to the other

    same with concentration and battle tactics. hopefully it gets fixed soon..
    Ive got battle tactics pointed down.. and i still gain :( heheh


    Ya it's a GUI bug for sure... I 100 spell defiance from it.. wtb refund.

  • It will be fixed in the next client patch, sorry for the very annoying issue! :(

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