Second story floor in my realm...

  • Ok... I don't know what I am doing wrong, But I can't for the life of me make a second floor that I can access, When my character reaches the top of the stairs that I made in my home, he stops. It's like there is an invisible wall or something. Some one said what I need to do is "blocks" rather than tiles, that sounds weird, But I can't get those to work either, when I drop a unit (wall, or any random unit) I right click it, then go to item properties, from the menu on the RIGHT I choose to transform the unit into what looks like a small flat block, BUT when I save the map and try to up load it, the "block" that I just made reverts back to its original units form. (wall or w/e random unit I used)

    I'm frustrated.

    alt text

  • The stairs can get wonky and the editor is pure annoyance to mess with from my experience. I had the same issue so I grabbed another small stair portion, and place it inside the tiles ill was trying to step on so the overlapped. Make sure your raising the false floor to the right hight and so on.

  • case in point

  • I really hate stairs.

    This is what I do:

    I make a realm of nothing but continuous stairs going up, then I buy a bunch of telepads. I load up the stairs realm, climb them to the floor I want to get to, then upload my real realm. When I log back in, I fall off the stairs onto the right floor, and place my telepad. I keep doing that until I have all my floors covered.

    Edit: Lol, it woudn't let me post this because I began my post with "OMG", and said it was spam.

  • Well guys I will give that a shot, and I appreciate the reply's. Now about thees teleporters, Do I need to buy those with real $ or can I get them in game?

  • Buy them with argentsfrom wizards npcs.

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