1. TRASH cans for the forge, tailor and the bank
    2. MAPBOOKS, yeah like runebooks on UO and you can tailor them, add and remove maps, it can even have charges.
    3. SMELT Metal items to reforge, yes since we all know 90% of the loot is trash, why not give them some use, lets smelt and get them as ingots again.
    4. CUT leather and cloth Items, yes lets put scisors to some use and cut all that trash armors into raw materials, a NPC that do this its not a bad idea olso, for a fee of course
    5. NPC that act like teachers, for medium money they can teach you up to 10 points of any skill, some of them need to be hidden or in dangerous areas
    6. WEIGHT propety listed on the hover of any item
    7. COMPARISON of items, so we can easy decide what items to sell or wear
    8. AUTOLOOT argents Pets (only for argents no for items)
    9. SCALE vendor/buyer , currently we dont have where to trow all that nee loot added
    10. a way to reenter the tutorial ;D
      keep up he good work

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