Rate my Build (Prince folk)


    • 86 STR

    • 9 AGI

    • 90 WIS

    • 90 INT

    • Staff Fighting 100/100

    • Sorcery 100/100

    • Enlightenment 100/100

    • Spell Defiance 100/100

    • Spiritualism 100/100

    • Meditation 50/100

    • Concentration 50/100

    • Poisoning 100/100


    Vs. Runners: Troll Spirit (Cripple) + Mage Spirit (Freeze) + Combustion + Spirit Chains (Root) + Soul Blast + Soul Blast

    Vs. Archer: Mage Spirit+ Lizard Spirit+ Lizard Spirit+ Combustion + Noxious Plague +Lightning Ball + Lightning Ball

    Vs. Warrior: Troll Spirit+ Fire Spirit + Ethrael Chains+ Noxious Plague+ Mage Spirit + Fire Fiend + Lightning Ball+ Lightning Ball+ Blink if needed

    Vs. Mage: Max Lizard Spirits+ Noxious Plague + Shockpulse Spam + Combustion + Lightning Ball Spike

    VS. PVE: X2 Griffon Spawns or x5 Lizards + Fire Fiend. Ability to kite. Is really g00d.


    Runic Helmet and Artifact Staff with Enhanced Fire Fiend and 2 other stats (like cast speed)

    Necro Cape (Longer summon duration)

    Pstone gloves (if you're lucky)

    Do not get gear with 'Damage Increase' because you use Nether Oath.

    High Resists // Low casting restrictions (Crafted)

    Cast Speed > Life Increase > Mana Reduction > Mana Regen > Mana Increase > Psi Increase > Psi Regen > Health Regen


    Is poison 100 worth it, just for noxious plague?

  • Very nice zYcor. you are admirable :-) going to take notes hehe

  • @zycor said:

    ghtning B

    omg you just made me realize what i was missing all along and why i struggle as a mage....tysm you dont even know

  • Awesome. Wanna see it in action :)



    Always lead off in pvp with Noxious plauge reguardless of opponent.. then follow up with Fire orb (enhanced staff)

    Your first 2 spells you cast on them ( noxious plauge. and fire orb) both leave a D.oT
    After that you're able to do a number of different combos depending on the situation circumstance.

    I agree with the mage spirit for a freeze... but i disagree with soublast...
    reason being with the Melee bug.. you'v e got to be directly on top of your enemey ( within a few tiles ) for soulblast to take maximum affect.

    But 100% you're going to want to lead off with Noxious Plauge.. and Enhanced Fire orb. for nearly every PvP altercation.
    I've found it most effective compared to other strategies


    Nice didn't know about enh fireorb ty. Vs a mage I'd definitely do that, for interrupts. Vs. Melee I'd try to blink away and get off a fire fiend when they're stunned.


    PS: This build is super weak to archers, a nice crossbow + weaklink+burst+ eth weapons+poison = dead me.


    yup.. i agree with you about the teleporting around...*(blink) i mean
    Positioning is key 100%

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