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  • Hello!

    I m a new player here! Been playing solo for a week now and i realized that dungeons are really tough solo, so i went out there and gathered some crafting materials which i thought i could easilly sell for argents. But there is no auctiuon house so i found myself selling at random prices to random people that felt like ripping a newbie off. So i d be glad if you could give some prices for the following materials just to know for further deals.

    So i d like to know prices for ores, leathers, and cloths ( from all tiers if possible).
    Also i have found some woormwood sticks and kindelining kits i believe (the second look like logs). I dont know the use but they seem rare.
    Also some prices for some usefull things i might not know there existance yet.( like bless scrolls and stuff)

    Please i need your help guys, cause i really love the game but need some more info to understand it.

    Thank you in advance

  • add BKCrafter or BKKnight on game if you on the ove server we can mount a mall, im a trader olso ;D

  • @jymnils I m playing PvP server

  • @MrNtorees ohh well, if we mount a trading operation we wil only be robed day by day ;D

  • @MrNtorees
    Default material values are ~42 for leather, ~34 for cloth minus whatever you consider processing one item to be worth. Crafting/selling is macroable, so the margin shouldn’t be too high, however a fairly well set up player can make a few hundred thousand Argents an hour, so recent changes that disallow multi-clienting(allowing crafters to multi-client may be amended) decreases the value slightly from before.

    Materials that gain a massive bonus in value from rarity, or usefulness: Glowing Cloth>Rugged Cloth
    Materials that gain a slight bonus in value from rarity, or usefulness: ghastly leather>sturdy leather>soft leather>spider cloth>polished cloth
    Overly abundant materials: plain cloth, plain leather, scaly leather

    The prices I was using about 3 months ago were:
    @Holya said in Selling: Artifacts, Buying: Artifacts/Rare Bless Scrolls/Pstones/Crafting Materials/Credits/Protection:

    Buying: Materials/Misc
    Grren silk(any level of processing) - 80
    Sturdy Leather(any level of processing) - 50
    Ghastly Leather(any level of processing) - 50
    Rough Leather - 30
    Scaly leather(any level of processing) - 30 / accepting limited quantities at this price
    Leather(any unspecified) - 25
    Hide(any unspecified) - 20
    Cloth(any unspecified) - 20
    Thread(any unspecified) - 10

    However, the value of an Argent has increased since then, so new prices should be closer to the default values mentioned above. Note that processing an item from its material form into an item takes longer than turning a raw material into a crafting material, so the value difference between thread/silk should be smaller than the value difference between silk/vendoring items.

    A few weeks ago rare bless scrolls were traded for 40-80k each, 50k avg. I've noticed a majority of the people who used to be artifact laden run around in crafted gear since the update that makes applying blessing cost Argents, so I'd say they're worth closer to 30-40k now. I don't believe there's a market for lesser bless scrolls, but if there is: common should be more valuable than uncommon, and both fairly cheap.

    Wormwood sticks are commonly sold for ~2k each, but they’re a used in sparsely used cosmetic items, and crafted archer items everybody already has. Kindling kits are valueless.

    I’ve not tested blacksmithing heavily, so take this with a large grain of salt. I’ve been told you can’t vendor crafted metal armor, but I’m not sure if that’s accurate. If you cannot vendor metal armor, then I’d say ore/bars are worth very little each, considering how quickly they can be farmed, the low requirements to farm them efficiently, lots of bugs that make farming them super efficient(may have been fixed by now), and general low demand.

  • Well thank you very much! This is very helpfull. Is excactly what i was looking for. One thing. I ve realised that some of the blacksmithing items can be vendored while others dont. To be safe i craft tops and pants. Though i dont know about the highest tiered mats cause i m still around 60-70 in blacksmithing.

  • @jymnils said in Market prices check!:

    @MrNtorees ohh well, if we mount a trading operation we wil only be robed day by day ;D

    Come on! Grow some guts! this is what its all about!! :) :)

  • @MrNtorees yeah people with swords always said that to people with pickaxes ;D, and guess who end with the loot ;D

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