2 bracelet slots


    Id like the User interface to allow 2 sets of bracelets or rings to be equipped in addition to a neclkace. ( Instead of just the current 1 ring/bracelet)
    There is already an applicable equipment slot.
    I'm not sure how much coding it would take to implement this into affect.
    I think this would be a desired addition.

    Thank you for taking this suggestion into consideration.

  • agreed. :-)


    @confusion are bracers even found in game anymore? ive opened a ton of chests and havent found any only a bunch of ghetto necklaces. Stats were removed from hose, Im assuming we cant craft thongs/underwear anymore? Seems super hard for a sorc to get his sdi/csi etc etc up anymore. Id also like to see ring slots and would love to be able to visually see them on your paperdoll ie see the ring on ur characters finger in the paperdoll.


    Good point clav man...I think you're right.. I'm not sure tho

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