Future of the Crafting

  • for near a week i was stockpiling base resources, i know you can be a full crafter maintaining your battle skills but the game developers belive in this way of developing or they will change of mind later
    more and interesting skills could be added to crafters like lumberjack , alchimismt and herbalism

    the traped explosive bags was my favorite joke on UO and trowing explosive potion was my second ;D

    the question is "The game will continue to develop 1 Man for all design" or its advisable to use my second char as crafter

  • You can do all your crafting on one char, I don't think that will ever change.


    Enjoying the situation

    A doubt linkrealms a game that already has a certain potential in the craft and now with the new bless system having money is necessary, I believe the craft at high levels could give so much money equal open chests, many players like me who love crafting items however sell items to the NPC not to win almost no money, a plan in development for craft give money?


  • @Alchemy is definitely a crafting/combat skill very likely to come in the future! That being said, pure crafting skills like Mining, Blacksmithing, etc are absolutely going to stay out of the 700-points skill cap, so no need to have a "crafter" character :)

    @Sativao we don't have a specific plan for that as of today. We believe that money from crafting should come from selling your best crafted items to other players, not to NPC. In this regard, something very interesting is coming in the next Release ;)


    @Prometheus Lol you accidentally tagged me but thanks I know I'm very skillful and all ;) I appreciate the recognition. @Holya obviously I'm winning. Get @ me.

  • @Alchemy said in Future of the Crafting:

    @Prometheus Lol you accidentally tagged me but thanks I know I'm very skillful and all ;) I appreciate the recognition. @Holya obviously I'm winning. Get @ me.

    Ahah sorry. Yeah, the tag was for @jymnils :)

  • Very excited to read about smithing. I have 95 mining and 85 smithing, but been holding all my ores for just such case of an update.

    Please with this update make heavy/medium armors more likely to favor MELEE players - as Magic users have no use for our armor, why give them the same odds as having increased mana/mana regen/mana cost on them?


    Love the game Prome !

  • @The-Couch-Yeti true, medium and heavy armor should have propeties like
    +1..5 stat
    +1..15 regen stamina,hp
    +1..5 fighting skill

  • @The-Couch-Yeti @jymnils in theory, mages can use medium/heavy armor as well if they can bear a bit of Impairment. Obviously so far that hasn't been the case, but we'll see after today's patch :) (and thanks Yeti!)

  • @Prometheus in theory items should adquire some propeties his own maker has, so lets put an example, a guy with 125 STR GM Swors, tactics,stamina should create weapons/armors with similar qualityes, same for a mage with 125 Wisdom, 125 magery, they sould produce items that reflect that qualityes. of course not in the same intensity ;D

    I guess actual system is only random with some limits over wich qualityes each item should have, but my sugestion is interesting to implement and will make items produced by players far sellable and interesting, since players could adjust in some way the quailtys the items whith inherit, of course a mage could produce heavy armor and produce plate armor with mana regen, would be naive but a world of posibilitys in there; D

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