Control Slots for Spirits

  • where i can found info about this, how many slots i got, how to improve then, how many slots each summon has
    tks in advance

  • Max slots: 5
    Darkling Spirit - 1
    Lizzogoth Spirit - 1
    Skeleton Spirit -2
    Priest Spirit - 3
    Vampire Spirit - 3, I think
    Minotaur Spirit - 3
    Mage Spirit - 2
    Griffon Spirit - 2
    Kamikaze Spirit - 2, I think
    Troll Spirit - 2
    Killer Spirit - 3, I think
    Wizard Spirit - 3

  • tks a lot this info should be on the wiki

  • on your experience what is the best damager of all, i know minotaurus is the best tank followed by the vampire

  • Really depends what you're fighting, what class you are, and how much Intellect/concentration you have.
    EX: If yuo've a PVE mage, you want wizard spirit up nearly 100% of the time for maximum DPS 'cause of the mana regen. As a PVE mage you probably can't afford 150 wis, and more than 30 int, so you don't cast anything other than wizard.

    As an archer you get more DPS from adding enough int to cast griffon spirit, and then spam sacrifice your wizard to keep stam up for battle tactic spam. Keep in mind ethereal weapon on its own does more DPS than a griffon spirit(usually), so if you can't keep one up in addition to wizard spirit/ethereal, just use wizard/ethereal.

    DPS ranking really depends on what you're fighting, and I'd recommend doing some testing as the tooltips were wrong last I checked. In general, you want either two griffons or one griffon, one mino for PVE. Fire spirits are very good if you're willing to micro manage monsters into their epicentre(highest possible DPS in the game. Edit: single target DPS), and generally do ok-ish AOE.

    Five lizzgoth spirits will usually be the highest DPS on their own, but keeping them all up takes too much direct damage away to be worth it. Vampire spirit is usually better than mino in single target, as long as the vamp isn't taking more damage than they're healing. That said, it's mainly just about crush/slash resists the mob has.

  • What about Dust Devils and Fire Fiends? They count as 2 or 1?

  • @Roundwaters
    To be honest I'm not sure. We sorta just decided they were garbage and didn't play around with them much.
    I believe they've their own limit irrespective of spiritualism summons, but I've not tested.

  • @Roundwaters @Holya Dust Fiends use 1 slot, Fire Friends use 2, and yes, it's the same cap as Spiritualism Summons.

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