Number of players are decreasing very quickly

  • Yep, and honestrly the dps single target spells are like 0.5 seconds or instant, so even when a marksman who hit you every second counting that has 100% hit chance he needs 4 hits to interrupt your spell beacuse 25% chance... you can spam the spell and you only lose like 0.5 second. So no difference when interrupting spells like shock phase, fireball, murky ooze if you get interrupt lol.

  • @Gorstak Also like you say, i can do 6 shock phases on a minotaur to kill it, in the same than that 3 Weaklink shots with minotaur slayer with my marksman and kill minotaur too. So spells are OP damage.

  • @vorgoth333 except spells take mana. Also you use other methods to interrupt mages, not try with melee or ranged attacks like a retard

    Also fireball does 12 damage to someone with 70 fire. REAL dps eh?

  • I'd like to remind everybody that the common consensus a few months ago was that mages were horrendously underpowered. Most people said the same in the days immediate after the patch, but VAN suggested otherwise. Skip forward a few weeks, and there are megathreads about how overpowered mage is.

    So what actually changed between now and then?

    • Cast speed was changed to benefit faster spells more

    • It's easier for everybody to get adequate resist gear

    • It's harder for everybody to get perfect gear

    • Raise gravity spell was added

    • Earth Quake was added

    • Armor impairment was added

    I'ma go through these one by one and explain the effect they've had on the meta.

    1. Cast speed

    Within the context of green mage, the only spell this has positively affected is blink. This is a large part of why I decried mage as being overpowered when the patch hit, but it's not very big of a deal in standing fights. Blink is very good for chasing people down, or escaping, but in a 3v3 when you're both actively trying to kill each other its role is exclusively to help you keep stone skin up, and pre cast. This is being nerfed. Keep in mind that before this change, when everybody agreed mage was garbage, their spells were cast slightly faster, doing slightly less damage. The cast speed change was a direct nerf for everything except blink.

    1. Changes to gearing

    This is the biggest we reason thought mage would be overpowered post-patch. Prior to the patch, mages could not cap elemental resists, and archers/melee could. After the patch all classes could cap elemental resists, and archers/melee were slightly weaker to physical attacks(10-15% less physical resists). The biggest change, however, was the +skill change. This drastically increased marksman/melee hit rate versus mages, because it's so much easier to get +25 marks/severing/mauling, but there will never be a good mage running around with +25 staff fighting. Raising other skills is much more important for mage.

    The +skill change benefitted mages the most, as it increases the damage they do by ~25% depending on spell. However, the cast speed change slowed the cast times of nearly all "good" spells, resulting in an real world damage change from green mage being about +12%. Less than that if your team already has a poisoner, especially if you're playing with other green mages.

    1. Easier to get adequate gear

    Mage has always been very strong versus low resist players due to its predominately high base damage spells. That's not so much a green mage thing, though. Just wanted to put this here to point out for the new players you'd be getting fucked so hard if not for this. Like, one spell doing more damage than your maximum health +50 every single hit kind of fucked. It also means that the new mages are typically gearing faster than people are used to. Harder to get perfect gear, though. I don't believe I've ever seen a perfect piece of gear. That's kind of an aside, though.

    1. Raise gravity

    This spell is stupid, and I hate it. There are absolutely ways to play around it, this shouldn't affect the outcome of many fights in the current meta, but especially in 1v1s this fucks with melee/archers. That said, it won't result in a mage getting kills, it'll just result in the archer/melee being less able to defend themselves if they try to turn after running for a while, or leave them unable to actually do damage after chasing a mage for 2 minutes. It's dumb, it's frustrating, but it doesn't result in kills/death, it's not overpowered. Still want it changed tho.

    1. Earth Quake

    This made mages stupid good in PVE, but I believe a nerf is coming next patch. I suggested this is exceptionally good in PVP situationally, and I believe my prediction was correct, but there were alternatives to use in those situations already. It's not an improvement on mage's power, it just makes them most cost effective.

    1. Armor impairment

    I think adding armor impairment to archers was dumb, I think it was overdone, it made most metal artifacts worthless, but it has not affected end game PVP. Armor impairment has changed the place you get your stats, but it has not changed your stats.

    In conclusion, the only overpowered thing about mage right now is blink, and though I don't think the way it was changed is very elegant, and I still think mages have too much escapability, it on its own might be enough to put them well below tier one. Even when allowed to free cast they don't have near the highest damage per second, they're very restricted defensively, with the changed to blink their damage will be exceptionally immobile, they can be punished for mistakes more than any other class. The only difference between when everybody said mage was underpower, and now, is +20% all resists, ~12% damage, and blink being slightly too fast. That's without even going into the 5-6 different ways to hard counter mage, and make them essentially useless.

    People acting like the mage is a be all, end all are wrong. It's just all of the good players switched to mage, and continued murdering everybody as normal. I'm hesitant to even call myself good, but I believe VAN houses the top 5 players, and I'd consider myself to be one of them. We switched to mages betting nobody would find the obvious counters, and everybody else would play exceptionally poorly, which is what mage is good at, punishing mistakes.

    If people started playing well, given the blink nerf, we'd have to switch to a composition of 1 mage, and either all archers or all melee. Melee is fucking good, btw, it's just nobody plays it right. Highest dps+best tactics+100% mobile damage is fucking insane, I'm glad nobody who's good has low ping because I couldn't compete with a melee that little/no desync.

  • @Roundwaters said in Number of players are decreasing very quickly:

    @vorgoth333 said in Number of players are decreasing very quickly:

    @Prometheus Im saying that system its broke because mage can 100% hit. so if pvp its unbalanced dodge system its useless.

    But melee can't be interrupted.

    and even meele should be interruptable, giving fastest weapons a little advantage over heavy armored guys, eternal battle between speed and power

  • @Myhal Melee spend stamina so? you dont think you will kill everyone just using auto attacks LOL
    and auto attacks does 12 damage with 70% physical resistance LOL
    And if u even tried a sword mage it can does more of 50 damage per hit convinated with spells.

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