Map Editor question... rotating the realm?

  • ok.... i built a realm with some fenced in spots for animals, and a decent house and lake and such.... but without realizing it i build it with house in bottom right corner of realm facing northeast, this makes it annoying in game as camera doesn't rotate so only see the back of the house.... i was wondering is there a way to just rotate the whole realm in the creator so i don't have to rebuild all the work...

  • No, there isn't.

  • you can easily mark your bulding as a block and move it, then change the location of the door and its done

  • @jymnils said in Map Editor question... rotating the realm?:

    you can easily mark your bulding as a block and move it, then change the location of the door and its done

    Its excaclty what i was about to propose! Havent found any other way atm

    Also @jymnils its a shame you r not on PvP server.. You seem VERY active and helpfull.. You could fit on our guild!

  • @Siltoruz maybe when i finish undestanding the game and its mechanics illl create and develop a new char on PVP server, its bad for the spirit to know near nothing of a new game and a bunch of pussies on TOP tier come and kill you.

    thats why people scared of full loot RPGs

    DEVs mark my words, if you develop a server where a newcommer can get all his stats MAXED at his desire with litle or no effort, and buy for low/no price price a gear that is no less than 10-20% of the power of a full geared guy then you will have plenty of players from all games roaming and PVPing thats what all kids of less than 20 are seeking for.

  • @jymnils how do you mark as a block, i select it all and there is no option to do that in right click menu, item properties menu, nor any of the editor menus :(

  • to mark a block just click in a square hold buton and continue marking the block

  • @jymnils ooh you just meant select all, kk thought you meant could mark them as 1 individual block, so when click something like rotate selected it would rotate all as one unit. just selecting them to move don't work for me as my house isn't a square, it has L's and wings, so would have to redo them all.

    it's ok though i just rebuilt it all, thanks for all the help though ;)

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