For Your Viewing Pleasure


    My longest video so far. Prometheus even makes an appearance.

    inb4 darkmiraxus excuse

    Music is on point if I do say so myself.

    As an aside I'm not as happy with this version as my original. Removed ~3 minutes of footage and my favorite song since it was banned literally everywhere but the US.

  • @Clavicus OH LOOK. It's like other people abused the spider dungeon chest too! what a surprise guys!

    Nice vid though, I didn't realize you trolled darkmiraxus that much when we were absent.


    @Myhal while you guys were gone I dictated where he could play. Jody stole 40 pstones from him. I once literally stole every pstone from him over 2 hours. He got pretty depressed and quit for a couple weeks.

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