Hiding Bugged?

  • what hapends to hiding? it has so many restrictions that is barelly usable for any playstyle

    1. it has a timer to reuse the skill (guess this is oK)
    2. you cant hide while been observer (whats exactly been observed, targeted)
    3. you cant hide been a criminal (come on, hiding was designed for criminal actions, how it posible to ban criminals to use) ;D

    it only need one restriction to be complete joke, like your clothes are on red color, to shinny to hide

  • @jymnils

    1. To stop people with 0 hiding to macro hide spam, effectively making leveling the skill in its current form irrelevant
    2. That means something is in combat with you. Hiding mid combat would be silly
    3. This is to counter ninja looting

    Edit: Although I don't see any reason for the cooldown on 1) to be triggered if the skill isn't failed, except when zoning

  • @Holya said in Hiding Bugged?:

    That means something is in combat with you. Hiding mid combat would be silly

    get into hiding before you get to him is exactly how a assasing/ninja do, and to use this is why a rogue trains so hard, i can admit it need a contrameasure like if the ninja is not at least 2 tiles away from other char the hide has a high chance not to work, but of course it needs to work

    and the 3 reason is the worst reason i have seen, even if the reason is valid, the mechanic disable all the hiding for PVP, simply you cant atack first and hide again. i dont know a single game that bans the hiding skill on this ways.

    of course a ninja should be able to ninja loot, thats why he is a ninja ;D thats why he is a criminal, thats why he is a red, tecnically any red cant use hiding or seatlh because this unfair rule.

    and belive me i hate ninja/rogues but its fair that they have that skills, only the first timer should be enought for anything.


    hiding+stealth is for ninja approach, and even ninja looting.
    Blocking hiding for criminal actions has no-sense, there are millions of other solutions to avoid or put harder the ninja- looting, without removing the hiding in criminal status

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