Bug load arquives


    If you go to the location, the value they added was ".5" instead of "0.5" which is what would be the issue since it may not have auto-assumed there is a zero before the decimal.

    "<Anim FilenameID="738" Filename="scorpion_idle_02.gr2" Probability=".5" Frames="40"/>"

    Additionally, not only the above-one but also:

    "<Anim FilenameID="736" Filename="scorpion_flinch_01.GR2" TweenIn=".1" Frames="20">"

    the one showing ".1"

    The only reason I think this is because its any number that can contain a fractional part. This would "decimal" based numbers so as long it isn't a radical/imaginary number based etc... , isn't included.

    So if it isn't because of it being ".5"or" .1", and instead not being "0.5", "0.1" then it could be the variable type which is being called for within their code which is most likely an integer being converted into a double or a decimal being converted into a double... (just guessing, not 100% certain though hehe)

    Anyways, hopefully they'll get it fixed soon since it seems to be a quick fix. :P

  • @darkratosss thanks for reporting, we are working on this issue.
    @Atlan sadly the problem is not to simple - the files are fine (and those fields are used all the time), but sometimes there are tricky issues of memory corruption in the client that prevent it from parsing them correctly.

  • I have the same problem. After a few minutes into the game they will begin to open dozens of windows like the one in the picture.Objects starts disappearing (doors, animals, playing characters and non-playing characters and me too). I have to log off and restart the game.

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