Snail Mail

  • Could maybe be cool to include a mail system into the game.

    Lots of times players are across the world and its hard to meet up in this game.

    So have a 24 hour delivery service with mailbox in town, a mail box you can buy for house realm, and maybe a couple of mailbox hidden in the game kinda close to a couple farm spots.

    A snail can deliver the mail and thats why it takes 24 hours to deliver an item. If you wait in town right at the delivery time then you could see a little (unkillable, phase through walls) snail with a package on its back crawling to the town mailbox to deliver the item right at the 24 hour countdown.

    So players could sit and watch the slow moving snail at the end of the delivery.

    If you pay 1 credit then you could turbo speed it and the snail rips across the screen so fast it leaves little tiny firemarks on the ground for instant deliver. Hot Rod Snails.


    contact - friends - mail.

  • Oh thats interesting. lol

    Well then can we get a snail that delivers a package in town once an hour just for thematic coolness? :p

    Players can try to block the snail and make it say "Oh my im late!!!" doubling its snail speed

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