Up to date equipment durability


    More often that not ,equipment durability isn't giving an accurate reading.. until you hover your mouse over it..
    or unequip .. then re-equip the item.

    This can cause alot of durability to go un-seen, until your item is in dire need of repair.
    Sometimes this can cause alot of problems for players, who may not pay as close of attention as needed.
    And inturn.. in doing so.. if the item goes too long without repair.. It drops the max durability on that item.

    Id like to suggest up to date or just a minor rework on durability notifications in the User interface to increase player awareness of items in need of repair

    Thank you for taking this suggestion into consideration.


    Sometimes if you check your gear it also says that is red and nearly destroyed. When you take it off you see that it still have lots of dura left and equip it again. First then it updates the dura in equipment slots and see that it isn't red at all.

    Very confusing.

  • Maybe even a checkbox in option "Auto-Unequip any item that reaches zero durability"

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