damage increase

  • how an archer can so easy kills with 2 hits or 3 hits a 95% pierce resistance and 150+hp player??? is it normal?

    and why there is a +20%spell damage cap and there is no limit in phisical damage increase?

    +20% and more bracelet, +20%and more amulet, +20%gloves, +20%/50% weapon, +60% and more battletactics, +other bonuses.... 150%+++ bouns damage.... seriously?

  • i agree with you, i sugested that all relik and bonusees should not aply on PVP only on PVE and was not talking about servers, i was talking about actual PVP
    about the damage done, i remember that some weapos skills Ignore armor

  • @jymnils said in damage increase:

    i agree with you, i sugested that all relik and bonusees should not aply on PVP only on PVE and was not talking about servers, i was talking about actual PVP
    about the damage done, i remember that some weapos skills Ignore armor

    And then i see posts like this and the nice mood goes off. How can you suggest this and how does this solve Priapos issue here? The thing is not removing those from PvP its just making them balanced. I am also anoyed by the HUGE nefr mages got the last patches but remember that when the cap when 40% everybody where crying about mages.

    Now removing gear buffs from PvP, i d personally quit the game same day, cause not only you ruin the feeling of progression in PvP bout you also do it in PvE cause the only reason i go kill that Griffon fuckers in Black wood is to get me some nice artifacts that are gona slain ppl in the wilds :p Simple as that.

    I am also in contact with developer team about this. Atm maulers are kings and severers will with the new anniversary gear. Archers are fine but Devs seems to have forgoten then cause nothing has changed there and mages keep getting raped atm. Before you start whining about how i am a mage and cant be real, i want to say that i have 1 mage and 3 other chars maxed atm. One archer , one severer and one mauler almost maxed , but i really like mage gameplay the most thats y i stick with it more.

  • mauler r kings? i think archer r kings. in fact all here r archers. archer is the best in pve, pvm and in pvp too

  • To be honest i dont have either mauler or archer geared up and played competive. But i know that i can kill some archers and i have to run from maulers. Also its what ppl say in general here.

  • @Siltoruz A invoker mage can easy get 10 fragments per hour =) Mages dont suck, just you are building the wrong one. Also We did a Tartaros run with corrupted monsters with a mage supporting us, getting tons of fragments, RBS, and final boss items. So dont tell Mages are bad.

  • @Priapo Marksman isnt the best, Last Dark King and me can easy 2v2 kill x-star/Holya with 0 chance to win.

  • @DarkMiraxus we all know invocation mage is #1 in pve. Discussion is about pvp :p

  • @DarkMiraxus said in damage increase:

    @Siltoruz A invoker mage can easy get 10 fragments per hour =) Mages dont suck, just you are building the wrong one. Also We did a Tartaros run with corrupted monsters with a mage supporting us, getting tons of fragments, RBS, and final boss items. So dont tell Mages are bad.

    No no no you had me wrong. I still clearly say that a mage can be best at PvE grinding stuff etc. I just say its really bad for PvP. To be honest i think i m the most efficient farmer atm in game, but i cant stand against someone in PvP.

    Also the fact that i m red was not planed i planed to use this for grinding

  • dont feel bad Sil, i agree with you that other way to say (less rude) is balancing, since i now have a way to calculate exact damage of the player vs players without need to go on to the game and test live i can support my words with numbers

    looking at all the artifact weapons most of them have bonusees from 40 to 50 and one has 100(axe) %damage

    getting the %damage off completely of this weapons will only penalize the damage of by example an archer with artifact weapon from 68-73 to 58-63 looking at the numbers it does not feel as bad as on word ;D, most of the pvp then will switch to a normal bow that can have 20% damage, with that they will still do damage on pvp from 62-67, still very high ;D

    if we aply the word balancing let imagine we halve the %increase on PVP (not low it to 0) then the damage will be around 63-68, very near to a damage that can be obtained with normal bow, this will make non Relic player better duited for battle on pvp and of course encourage pvp

    im clear to say on ly the %of damage need to be nerfed or taked off, not the other propeties of the relics that will still give the owners advantage and versatility on lots of situations

    and im agree with priapo that %damage of phisical weapons need to be limited on pvp just ask the same propety was limited on mages

    PVP is not going zerk and kill people on 1-2 hits, pvp is a rewarding long battle where you can atack, retreat, heal, run for your life and come back again for more ;d

    when i hear declaration like your about getting gear for only reason as "some nice artifacts that are gona slain ppl in the wilds :p Simple as that." you look to me like a guy with sniper gun going to a kindergarten to kill kids for fun.
    in my opinion thats not fun and i guess its a no sense at all for everybody, guess thats why we dont sell sniperguns to the kids ;)

    i still suport an idea that we need an arena or a duel system that let us battle with all this restrictions OFF, for the fun of killing not the looting.

    ill be investigating priapos damage report when i finally finish the damage vs defense calcualtor ;D
    its very xtrange that an archers hits so high on a target with high defenses, hope it does not have anything to do with the damage systems i just found on the wiki ;D

  • @Priapo you didn't die to pierce damage.

    PVE AoE, generally: Invocation>Severer>Mauler=Archer>Conjuration(higher versus low HP, low poison res)>Martial Arts
    PVE Single target, generally: Archer>Severer>Mauler>Martial arts>Invocation>Conjuration
    2v2/3v3: Maulers(Severers soon)>Severers>Archers>Conjuration>Martial Arts>Invocation
    1v1: Mauler>Severer>Archer>Martial Arts>Invocation>Conjuration
    4v4+: Archers and maulers/severers>Archers and conjurerers>All archers>All maulers/severers>Everything else

    @DarkMiraxus While I agree Mauler+Archer should DOMINATE THE FUCKING SHIT out of an Archer+Archer team, you've never beaten us.

  • holya this is your personal opinion and it is influensed by the fact that u dont want these things change. atm archers dominate in pvp (in pve only eq mage is better for aoe). this is the reason why all are archers! there are 20 archers 5 mages and 3 warriors -.-'
    mauler=sever (mauler>sever only for bloodtalon)

    @holya that night i was hitted only by 3 arrows and i was 95pierce 35ether 45ele and 48poison... 3 hit and i died. ok im not geared and i cant compete with a geared character but this damage with these resistances is ridiculous.

  • Archers are op as frak,it says inaf all best pkers are archers,but they saying archers not op lol,they say it for a reson and taht is to stay op.

  • @Priapo you are mistaken, good sir.

    • Severers/Maulers have the highest single target DPS, and damaging single hits in the game. The only reason archer has better DPS in PVE is energy spirit. Energy spirit is not effective in PVP, typically.

    • Archer has the second least CC of any build, just ahead of mage.

    • You did not take any pierce damage at all. Your gear was ineffective versus the attack we were using. Linkrealms is very focused on counter-gearing your enemy, rather than simply having gear with higher total stat values.

    • 3 characters in the correct low stat gear should beat 2 very well geared characters, typically. Team composition matters more than gear by far, excluding a few vital artifacts for some builds.

    I very much want things to change, to be honest. Mauler/Severer are near required for any decent team composition, but they're not playable due to ping for 80% of the Linkrealms population. Admittedly, their role in team fights doesn't require anywhere near 100% up time, so it's not so much of an issue outside of small skirmishes/1v1.

    Personally, I'd like mage to be dominant, as they're sorta just more fun, in addition to being the least ping based due to pre-casting, even high ping=lower dps from no ping compensation on key presses.

    Anyhow, you're taking a lot more damage than you should be due to your poor gear optimization, but versus a good composition, your gear optimization doesn't even matter. In team fights there should have one support, and then just damage dealers.

    Personally, the team comp I want has each non-support doing 57.1 DPS+procs/ethereal weapon, and supports doing about 40 DPS potentially. Realistically the support does less, as they're just trying to enable others. What you died to last night was nowhere near the potential of a mauler/severer. Maulers/severers cause more damage to fully geared players than I can do solo to a poorly geared player as an archer.

  • @Holya you just trow a tesis, can you plz resume and put on raw numbers and words
    a) the weapon used
    b) the stats of the attacker?
    c) if any skill was used before or during the 3 hits that PRI reported?

  • he wants to belive that all arent good in pvp, only holya and his team are good players, no matter gears so we are all noobs and only van are good and blablabla.

    nwm, i dont pretend to be better than someone or to kill u, but that dmg with only 3 hits and with that resistances is ridiculous imo. archer is op, archer dont need cc becaouse have so mutch dmg, and warriors cc isnt so good as the oprangeddmg because for example if a warrior disarm an archer the archer run for 6 seconds and the warrior cant hit him. only cripple is strong in pvp (maybe stun too idk).

    holya u cannot be objective. i dont want op warriors or op something others and i dont cry if i die, i like pvp not pixels(loot) but now pvp is dominated by archers and this is an objective fact.

  • Glad the noobs moved off the mage op bandwagon and into the archer op bandwagon. TOP KEK

  • @Priapo first of all, I do completely believe VAN houses the best few individual players, and we are unarguably by far the most coordinated team, even if a few members are lacking. THAT SAID everybody in VAN is fucking garbage, because everybody who plays Linkrealms is fucking garbage. It's like, watching Vanilla WoW PVP videos, people backpeddle, and click their spells. People who were at the time considered by far the best, whereas nowadays if somebody even eludes to doing that they'd be laughed out of the arena by somebody beating them naked. So yes, I think we're the best, but I don't think highly of myself, or my guild for essentially being the smartest retards. It's not something to be hugely proud of.

    Archer is very good in larger team fights, where somebody can be killed in that 8 tile gap, but 3-4 people, assuming your team has support/s are needed for that to be a thing. Those fights almost never happen. Additionally, if your team has 3-4 guys, going pure melee would be best for chasing down and slaughtering lesser groups.

    Something people don't seem to understand about archer/pvp is general: doing a little bit of damage while ranging your enemy doesn't matter. The advantage of having range is the ability to switch targets quickly, and that's literally it in smaller scale fights. melee has the ability to do 100% of their damage while moving, which is both very good defensively, and offensively. If you force an archer to kite, they're not doing damage. By comparison, if you're slowed consistently, which the kill target should be in such a team, melee should be able to keep near 100% up time. Archers cannot have 100% up time, it's easier to kite an archer than a melee most of the time.

    When it comes to larger fights melees will likely get pooped on just trying to enter the fray, simply because so much damage is coming out from each time. It seems like the dev team is trying to lessen this with new gear, though, and there was counterplay already. You need to remember, poking doesn't matter in this game. All that matters is kill pressure, and warriors produce that in spades by comparison to archers. Archers need support more than warriors, whereas warriors both do the best DPS by a fair amount, and have more CC, have more defensive abilities, and increase the DPS of their allies.

    That said, warrior is probably the hardest style of character to play. It's literally impossible to play effectively for people with high ping, but even if I didn't have high ping I'd probably fuck it up really bad until I had 1-2 months of practice. Warriors also require more team coordination for CC/damage chains, whereas with archer groups all we do is call kill/peel targets, and gap directions.

    As for the damage, even out your elemental resists. Nobody is doing pierce damage right now, except conjuration/archer teams. Remember that as a warrior you have to kite too, and find opportune moments to create kill pressure. Standing still in melee doing auto attacks won't do much of anything. Oh, also warrior is probably one of the more gear dependant classes, and my arguments are based purely on the end game, so, take that as you will.

  • I'm going to add something to the discussion here, to make things clearer for you, @Priapo. First of all:

    1. The Damage Increase modifier applies only to the base damage of the weapon. It's a completely different formula compared to Spell Damage Increase. Have a look here.
    2. Damage Increase is capped 100%. What it means is that if you have a crossbow with, say, 17-24 base damage and 100% Damage Increase, that 100% Damage Increase is only giving you 20 damage more per hit. If your target has 70% pierce resistance, that 100% Damage Increase means 6 damage more per hit. Pushing your Superior Accuracy and Swing Speed Increase is a lot better, if you have to choose.

    I don't know what happened in the fight, but if since you are dressing a plate armor made of Steel, there are a few possibilities:

    1. The attacker used Ignore Armor, which, as the title says, ignores your resistances.
    2. The attacker used Weak Link, which targets your lowest resistance. We are in the process of changing this battle tactics, which is a relic of the past and it's absolutely lame.
    3. The attacker's weapon had high Fire/Ice/... Burst Chance and/or used battle tactics that deal magical damages, like Enflame or Acid Soak.

    With all of this I'm not saying things are perfectly balanced right now. We are in fact trying to shift the damage dealt by warriors (melee and ranged) towards physical rather than magical damage, as it should be. All I'm saying is that if you are dressing a steel plate armor, it's 100% guaranteed you didn't get killed by Damage Increase.

  • @Prometheus damage increase is a tier one stat because of its interaction with weak link/ignore armor. Archer/warrior DPS is 1) less physical than before, because precision is worthless now, especially because of disarm 2) versus geared players warriors/archers are doing far more DPS than green mages could when murky was pure, and SP was 40%.

    Weak link is pretty meh versus geared players, but due to the randomness of tailoring/lockpicking it's difficult for most everybody to even their stats out. I'm assuming you're going to nerf both ignore and weak link, but especially ignore as soon as I get the shit I need. Handed in 140 goddamn Pstones in the last 2 days, putting off corrupted fragments for that previously garbage piece of shit. Mutter mutter

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