Congratulations NEW players

  • i have checked latest month reviews and all are olmost good ones for the game
    alt text,
    very diferent of the may/june reports where we got mostly bad reviews cause of the Pks

    this will surely help to atract new players

    tks olso to the PKs comunity for not making noobs life worse, whats the point of PK a noob on cloth with no GM skills and looting 500 coins and +2 jewery+a recall wand , think on the game before of your egos, have fun and let others have fun two.

    Joke joke! We mostly need more ppl to have fun trade and make community alive 24/7! This is good news.
    And as a reply about noob PKs. Ok i dont have a prob with it if its done right. What i mean is most ppl that kill a noob do it just for the kill count. the Kill/Death ratio. I dont think anyone would loot the shity gear if there is no war or anything personal. Most ppl in here will kill and w8 on top of corpse so you can go back and loot it.

    Actually ppl that loot corpses are some nobb foxes i know about and not the real threats.

  • @jymnils You should special thanks to the PK hunter DarkMiraxus who did erradicate the power abuse of some Guilds =) yw ;)

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