Pretty neat..

  • Big UO fan

    This game is pretty neat so far I suppose.

    A few things I am seeing so far...not sure if it is just me or what

    Chat doesn't save anything text box, so I literally have no idea what people are saying to me unless I pay 100% attention..
    It would be nice to see if anybody messaged me or anything, since I barely see anybody.. it would be nice to talk to some people and maybe make friends.

    Is the game active? How many people are actually playing? I have ran into a few people, I am at the starter town I guess.. doing some quests and killing stuff at the graveyard

    Where can I find a guild? I found how to register a guild, is there a way to search for a guild or is that only going to be done on forums?

    I haven't indulged deeply into the game yet, I am debating on whether I should or not..

    What are some of your pros and cons from the people who have been around for awhile?


  • if lick the T button on bottom in mid you bring up the chat log and can seee/read past messages.
    active? no but seems people are joining/it is growing though idk how many stay while i am new myself i do see new people regularly
    no search function for guilds but could post here on forums looking and/or if type * before text in chat you'll send global messages that everyone can see im sure if you used that to look for a guild or for help someone would oblige ;)

  • @awol_lsd

    Thanks for the reply, I will probably stick around for awhile and see if I can get a small group of people to play with

    I also play another game that Lord British (Creator of Ultima) recently made (Shroud of the Avatar) so I will balance between this game and that and see how I am liking LINK Realms, I can only imagine it will be a lot better running with more people

    I am not looking for a handout, just people to actually talk to and keep my sane :)

  • your ingame name?

  • @jymnils

    I am on the PvP server and my name in-game is Whipkickin

  • yeled you on town and no responce, maybe you where out ;D, you in game now?

  • @jymnils Yeah, I am on for a few.. was AFK I think when you seen me

  • @Whipkickin I am Siltoruz in game. Nice to see new ppl here. Hit me up for info anytime ingame or even here.
    Its late now but i ll try to give you some hints tommorow. I know LR can be overwhelming sometimes.

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