Buying Skeletal Slayer (severing) PVP server

  • and Delivery packages, send offers , not more than 2k ;D and 5k for the slayer ;D

  • i have a broad sword skeletal slayer with 20% stamina leach and 27% sup quality if u want ..

  • PM me in game Jym. I got ALL slayers on swords atm. Not willing to sell the rare ones though but i can give any green for a fair price. Maybe less than what you offer if you want more than one. I nned to clear some stuff from my chests so works for both

  • stil i need Skeletal slayers, best if they are huge axes, no need to have great stats or been green or blue, any standar slayer will do ;D

  • tks to the sellers, great suff, a litle overpriced but great ;D

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