Founder capes and viper mods


    Are you able to make founder capes another material than Scale leather..

    That limits us to viper mod swapping only scale leather capes onto that cape

    Fix Viper mod swaps!! so that they swap stats reguardless of original crafting material its made from.
    It used to be like that..
    You were able to viper mod swap any item to any item..
    Now its pretty tricky..
    Only the same items can be swapped over.

    The previous was a feature that was very handy when you've worked soo hard to obtain an item .. or a piece of gear that you've been waiting for.
    Id really like to push for this feature back... The return of Viper mod swapping any item.. reguardless of material its made from.

    Thank you very much for taking this suggestion into consideration.

  • This was done so that you can tell what your opponent is wearing just by looking at them. All considerations other than PvP are being gutted.

  • @confusion lol i love how you always say thank you for considering my suggestion when odds are that they didnt even consider it :-) wishful thinking though, ill give you that haha


    @mrari You're actually incorrect..
    If you take a look at prior suggestions.( myself and others have made).. nearly every single suggestion made has been taken into consideration and/or implemented.
    Nice research tho. (sarcasm) hehhehe

    What i like is..... That they actually Do consider it.. as well with implement a majority of concerns and suggestions.
    That's why this game is going is such a positive direction.
    The dev team is working very hard.
    It's only the right thing to do.. .considering I've seen this game change over the past 5 years first hand.
    Going from the previous dev team.. to the current dev team... They deserve a lot more appreciation than what we're giving them.

  • @confusion nice lol i believe it. i'm just messing with ya lol.

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