selling loyal roosters healers

  • they are a fourth generation of loyal roosters.
    they are genetically selected to be loyal.
    they don't need the loyal chicken scratch to follow u
    thus leaving u free to put in that scratch spot another feeding.
    I have put on them weapons like cockerel battle orbs or cockerel fighting crystals. They are really useful when it comes to fight very difficult mobs such as 3 griphons in the same time or other diffucult spawns out there.
    I couldn't live without them sometimes and death could be much lot easier.

    Selling at 3 p stones (or 3 fragments corrupted) each ,
    2 pstones for allies (or 2 fragments corrupted)
    In the time i make these p stones or fragments , i also make the roosters.

    Fair price after spending a lot of time and money ( 1kk) figuring out what are the best cockerels.
    Remember this is a fourth generation.
    I am not selling a random cockerel , but a cockerel that u will breed and u will obtain other loyal cockerels much easier than buying one at the store and trying to figure out if it is loyal or not.
    And believe me it is not that easy.

    I usually generate cockerels in the weekend so by next weekeend u will receive your order.
    Have a nice day

  • Other good traits for a healer bird are good eyesight and alertness. Without those, the bird won't be able to notice that you need healing.

  • Those Cocks (lolz) is something i need soon, for many reasons but atm i m a bit broke. Cant give 3 PS atm, but will this offer be here for long? I mean i d like to prepare some for next weekend maybe?


    I used to give out birds like this for free all the time. 3 pstones for a bird good luck with that lol. Heck but brave and sharp scrach on it with that gene watch what they do :)

  • dont think that offer if fair cas roosters last only 30 days,while pstones have no time limit.

  • @Dreworok Im buying some!!

  • @Gorstak artifacts that u collect lose durability though and they have to be blessed with rare scroll , these roosters can always be resurected by the circle of life of the store

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