Tournament 4th Session - Sunday 4, 10pm CET / 4pm EST

  • Hi guys,

    you're all invited to join us today at 10pm CET / 4pm EST for the fourth session of Linkrealms Tournaments - Season One! A gate to reach the arena realm will be opened in Riverbank in the Classic server.

    Even if you're not part of the tournament, you can be a spectator in the arena and enjoy the sight of top players fighting each other and cheer for your favorite fighter!

    I shall remind you this is a friendly tournament. Let's keep the sportsmanship high and may the best win!

    Participants: @Holya @Gorstak @DarkMiraxus @Sativao @Myhal @Xeraeth @Werkrug @x-star @pokko984 @kaylastorm

    Please note: this time we're going to open the gate at least 15 minutes earlier, so that the duels actually start at 10pm CET / 4pm EST.

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