Game Wisdom

  • i already know the locaton of some of them but need help on others
    where i can get the following items

    Worm Riddled leather =
    Darkling iron Ingot=Darkling camps
    Darkling Gold Ingot=Darkling camps
    Ornate steel =Darkling camps
    wormwood Stick=Trolls
    Scourge Skulls=Scourge mobs
    Florescent slime blobs=
    Green smeralds=
    Glow Worm Silk=Big Green Spiders
    Copper Urn=Darkling camps
    dark mage cystal=
    Ringwave wand=
    amber topaz=Lizards
    blue topaz=
    Sulfur rocks=Spiders
    Mushroom Silk=
    Red Rubies=mining ???
    Ornate Pointly Horn=
    Frozen spider web=blue spiders
    Spider Eyes=Big tall spiders
    Faces of Death=Darkling camps

    tks in advance for the help

  • Worm Riddled leather = Hades Boss
    Florescent slime blobs= Mushroom event (not currently active)
    Green smeralds= Prospecting and chests
    Glow Worm Silk=Big Green Spiders AND Mushroom event
    dark mage cystal= Darkling Wizard at camp
    Ringwave wand= Tartaros Bos
    blue topaz= Chests
    Mushroom Silk= Not in game anymore?
    Red Rubies=mining AND chests
    Ornate Pointly Horn= Camps, I think the assassin
    Faces of Death=Darkling camps, the necromancer

  • tks a lot, so basically i need to raid all the dungeons of the server ;D, what a nice incentive to explore ;D
    even non active raids like muchrooms

  • @Roundwaters said in Game Wisdom:

    Mushroom Silk= Not in game anymore?

    It's back ;)

  • @Prometheus said in Game Wisdom:

    @Roundwaters said in Game Wisdom:

    Mushroom Silk= Not in game anymore?

    It's back ;)

    Thers an error with mashroom silk,when u procces mashroom silk tread u get fairy cloth instead of mashroom silk so cant make hammer until that is fixed.

  • @Prometheus is this gona be fixed?

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