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  • (I know this is a long post, but please read it to the end, and tell me what you think?)

    I have a ton of ideas on how to potentially grow LinkRealms’ gaming population (You will notice that I did not put prices or specifics when it comes to buying and selling in the SKILLS section; reason being I want the game creators to have control over those):

    • Add “Fishing, ““Woodcutting,” and “Construction” to the Working skill set.
    o FISHING:
    i. Add a Fishing vendor somewhere in town.
    a. Vendor Sells:
    a. Fishing pole
    b. Bait box (Not necessary for fishing but helps attract bigger fish for more XP)
    b. Vendor buys:
    a. Any variety of raw fish
    ii. How to Fish:
    a. Make sure you are near a body of water
    b. Equip fishing rod by double-clicking the tool in your inventory
    c. If desired, you can use fish bait by double-clicking on the bait box. A piece of fish bait will automatically be added to your hook.
    d. Click the blue circular “Use Fishing Pole” button at the bottom of your screen and target where you would like for your bobber to land.
    e. When the bobber sinks, click the “Use fishing pole” button again – you will get one of two messages – either “[type of fish] caught if successful, or “it escaped.” If failed.

    i. Add a woodcutting Vendor somewhere in town
    a. Vendor Sells:
    a. Woodcutting Axe
    b. Vendor buys:
    a. Logs
    ii. How to woodcut
    a. Equip the Wood cutting ax from your inventory
    b. Find a tree or stump and hover over it
    c. Click on the tree or stump until it falls or spits, giving you logs.
    d. The logs will automatically be stacked in your inventory

    i. Add a shop with a construction vendor and NPC somewhere in town.
    a. Public use items:
    a. Construction bench
    i. Recipes for Realm buildings:
    ii. Recipes for Realm building décor
    iii. Recipes for Realm outdoor décor
    b. Lumber roller
    c. Stone crafter
    b. Vendor Sells:
    a. Construction bench (for realm)
    b. Lumber
    c. Stone
    d. nails
    c. Vendor buys:
    a. Any constructed/construable object
    (Note: You will not be able to interact with the vendor until you’ve unlocked the construction bench)
    ii. How to unlock the construction bench:
    a. Speak to the Mayor once you have purchased a Realm; he/she will give you a construction permit.
    b. Take it to the Construction NPC, and they will give you quests to find or make different materials to craft certain things on the construction table.
    c. Once you have found or made all the materials necessary to complete each request, go back to the construction NPC. They will then give you quests to make a certain number of items using the material you just gathered.
    d. After all these quests have been completed, you are free to use the construction bench to craft buildings and décor for your realm.
    iii. How to use the construction bench:
    a. Double-click on the bench, and a menu will pop up that looks like the mixing bowl and stove’s menus do. This menu is a table with some construction-related tools and such on it, including the “construct” button, which is a hammer
    b. Choose the category in which the item that you want to craft is in ((Buildings/vendors, indoor deco, or outdoor décor), and then select that item
    c. Click “Construct”, and you will get one of three messages below the table: either “Construction Successful” in green, “Construction Failed” in red, or “Not enough materials” in red.

    • Make it so that each shop buys EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED with it; so:
    o Blacksmith buys ALL weapons, metal armor, and mining and smithing supplies and ingredients
    o Tailor: buys ALL clothes, non-metal armor, and Tailoring Supplies and ingredients
    o Farm buys ALL Crops, animal products, and farming supplies and ingredients.
    o Chef buys ALL cooked recipes, raw cooking ingredients, and cooing supplies

    o Add a two-row currency panel across the top of the screen so that you don’t have to keep going back to the bank and/or your inventory to see how much money you have.
     Top Row: Shows how much currency you have in your inventory
     Bottom Row: Shows how much currency you have in the bank

    o Add option to make world map full-screen.
    o Add Search feature in the middle of the bottom panel of the small World map.
    o Panel on left hand side of full-screen world map with option to create waypoints, zoom in and out (which can also be done using thee scroll button on your mouse), Search feature to easily find places, and map legend and symbol key

    o The OPTION to hold down the LEFT mouse button to move around, and click the right mouse button to exit menus and such
    o The OPTION to toggle side scroll.

    o The ability to adjust the camera from bird’s eye view to street level view, and everything in-between.
    o The ability to turn the camera a full 360 degrees

  • nice sugestions, some will need severy changes to game tought,

    1. like the adition to sea/ocean realms ;D for fishing
    2. for all the other addon things we need the lockable amount on realms to increase, we currently have so many decoration that we cant decorate our house with our loot (30 lockable current), would be fabulous if we can save our current lockables into the realm design so that they dont use lockables space adn we can add ininite addons to our realm desing mode.
    3. the new ui is under development right now
    4. the npc buying all people produce i guess is a ASAP change since its been bugued since i entered the game (3 weeks)
    5. all crafting skill need a revamp/tune and most important RELATION between them.

    keep on the good game!

  • @Prometheus , what do you think?

  • @MitoWarrior

    @MitoWarrior said in Lots of Ideas:

    @Prometheus , what do you think?

    I would also like other players' opinions on the ideas listed in the post...

  • @MitoWarrior all interesting ideas! Here's a few answers on what has been planned already:

    • Lumberjacking: we want to replace most of the trees in the world (currently part of the map) and make it possible for players to cut them with Lumberjacking. Woods will be used both as requirements for Carpentry and for crafting crossbows and arrows.
    • Carpentry: we want to remove most decorative items from the realm editor and have players crafting them in the game instead through this skill. It won't be used to make full buildings (that's done through the Realm Editor), but to craft pieces of furniture, statues, tools, etc.
    • Vendor purchases: we have long planned to redo those buy lists, we just need to find some time to sneak the work in a patch :)
    • World map: we have already planned a revamp of our main UI (described in the latest Roadmap). It will include not only a hotbar, but also a mini-map on the top-right corner of the screen. This will allow us to make the current world map much larger than it is, possibly with added zoom levels too.

  • @Prometheus said in Lots of Ideas:

    we want to remove most decorative items from the realm editor

    first you need to add more lockables, aitpical medium house on uo has near 400 lockables, and plz add more storage olso, 400 its so litle now, imagine with the new items, we need 1200 at least

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