~ The Riptide {RIP} ~ PvP Server

  • Hello ladies and gentlemen!

    Today The Riptide goes public and is looking for new people to enlist in its ranks!
    We are a fairly new guild and we aim to create a core of active players in order to take part in big PvP events and be able to play competively for top spots in the server. We are currently working on our daily organised plan to grow by setting group goals and objectives that we work on together.

    We aim to make this a better, more active, alive and fun community, with new stuff to do, even events orginised by the guild(s). We are close with most people that matter in this community and we are some of the most active players in game, so we are here to make the difference ;)

    Leader: Siltoruz
    Officers: Loki , Sephiroth
    Language: English ( we are an international guild so english work for all)

    1. We are a mature group of helpfull people willing to offer help and tutoring in a nice environment.
    2. We offer a pretty decent teleportation network with Realms in all major locations.
    3. We can train and farm as a group to help new people catch up with us by gearing up.
    4. We can offer guidance at the important locations and farming spots in the game.
    5. Ofc plenty of basic PvP gear and stuff
    6. We aim to be one of the best when it comes to PvP so we offer strategy and build info, support and protection when able and lots and lots of group fun!

    Things to take into consideration:

    1. Guilds official time will be GMT. The prime time atm is mostly from 20:00PM GMT - 2:00AM GMT we are mostly aiming for people able to be there those times.
    2. We are a bit more than a casual guild aiming for competitive play, so we expect our people to be active.
    3. We will be using Dischord in our large group PvP, so at least a headset will be needed once in a while to listen to instructions. Not daily though, rare occassion so dont chick out about this.
    4. Be nice and helpfull , respect the whole group objective/strategy thingy, be willing to offer one Realm at key location to participate in the guild teleportation network, and have fun!

    For more information and/or applications send me a PM!!
    Try to keep this post clean ;)

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