InputMapper support

  • I use a program called InputMapper to use my Ps4 controller with windows. This allows the Ps4 controller to read as a keyboard and gives the computer commands as if i hit keystrokes.. this program works with every game i ever played except Linkrealms.... Im not sure why but when linkrealms is my active window, all input from my controller is stopped....if i click off of linkrealms then my controller resumes acting as my mouse / keyboard but if i activate linkrealms a the main window again it kills all input from the you guys know why this would happen?

  • This Is NOT because linkrealms doesnt support joysticks..please dont say that...this is supposed to read as keystrokes from my keyboard or input from my does not register the controller as a joypad....

  • Link realms must not use the Windows Xinput or Directinput devices to receive commands because if it did i should be fine. Can anyone tell me which device Linkrealms uses to receive input? thanks

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