How do essences work and how hard are they to get?

  • where can i get them, how many would i need to run pure spellcaster?

  • Buy them from any wizard vendor. Cost 2 argents each.

    They only carry 1-2 thousand of each kind, and if there's more than a handful of players on, they do tend to sell out.

  • @Roundwaters any way to get an unlimited source of them?

  • ucan farm mage mobs and get free essences from them.

  • Expenses from Essensses won't be an issue. Just make sure you never go under 5k so you never run out.
    Also there are NPC wizards selling those at Ravenfeast (city 2), at Void Castle but is open PvP there.
    But no need to go farm those.There are better things to do with your time. Just buy from cities.
    It can be a lot when u new but it gets better later when you start mass farming Argents.

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