Newbie question

  • Where can I find the bandit camp for the quest 'Retaliation'. Been looking everywhere, but apparently I'm as blind as a bat.

    EDIT: Oh and another thing, how could I be able to turn corn into cornflour?

  • someone shoulda replied to this already but.
    the bandit camp is across bridge west of the tavern. then north a bit to the cave. just cross the bridge and follow it up.
    if you can't find it respond to this and tell me a time to meet you in town at the bank and ill open a portal there for you.

  • There are no newbie questions, just newbie answers :D

  • oh and as for cornflower. apparently you have to leave the corn in your inventory for 24 real hours. then place it on the ground to dry. then grind it like wheat. though that may be outdated info. its from an old wiki

  • You can add "fresh" corn to a stack of "aged" corn, and the entire stack will become aged.

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