Limit equipable Blessed gear


    This is just an idea, not a strong reccommend, thats why its in suggestions. Lets play with it.

    Common items - sure you can equip as many common blessed items that you want

    Uncommon - Lets saaay..2? 2 Uncommon blessed items are only allowed to be equiped, no more.

    Rare - Only 1 rare blessed item can be equiped at a time

    I could settle for meshing, that is 2 uncommon and 1 rare equipable at any given time, though it could also be either 2 uncommon or 1 rare equiped, NOT BOTH.

    This does not limit you to how many blessed items you can have in your possesion ONLY EQUIPED.

    Before you flame away think about it. The PvP in this game offers such great mind games and strategies and making your build you have to be willing to be "not so good" at certain skills (or neglect certain skills completely). I love that, it involves decision making.
    This would further increase desicions and in late game really give an extra zest to PvP. Your not limited to how decked out you want to gear youself, only that you can only go hunting without all your "epic gear" being secure.

    Also it would keep us from blessing good items we get right off the bat and think about leaving it unblessed so we can mix and match it with something else to be more powerful.

        This adds alot and like i said it would effect so much more than we all think it would. Currently rare and uncommon blesses are on every piece of pixel we are afraid to venture off with.  This makes it so no player has to take any true risk and can bless everything to his hearts conent and could honestly care less about the rest of the stuff he may have on him (garbage gear or heals maybe).

    It would give looting a player you PK'd that extra kick of satisfaction with his kill. (You know you love that:) ) As well as adding extra adrenaline to adventureing and pvp, as surely it would.

    Like i said the more I thought about this the deeper the thoughts dug into how much this would add to the PvP game (especially endgame). Simply increasing rarity of scrolls I think is not the answer, because eventually they wont really be that rare (they really are not that rare in current state.)

    I have more to say but what do you guys think? Do you agree or no? Talk.


    I think limiting the amount of blessed gear at some level is a great idea, especially when the game is fairly item based.


    yea or limit blessed to a much lower level like a rare bless dee donly provides 2 charges or something


    @Rolex said:

    yea or limit blessed to a much lower level like a rare bless dee donly provides 2 charges or something

    thats not bad, but still people can run around not fearing loosing not a single piece of their precious gear


    ur lucky i dont play

  • currently its not gear thats so op,its spiritualism and spells.

  • I totally agree... bless scrolls are a pvp killer


    Gorstak.. will you ever admit that spells aren't OP?... the warrior class is much stronger .. even in the late game.. a warrior is the clear winner..
    You're a warrior... right?


    I like the bless scrolls. Make the items you spend hours getting worth it to use. Without the bless scrolls I would always have my rare items in the bank.

  • @confusion u forget i need tobe on top of u to even have a chancet hit,and even then i will miss 2 times in row even at max wepon skill,and even if i criple u,u yust use blink spell and ur miles away from me,hiting me with spells as i try get to u.


    You guys are all retarded. This isn't a PVP game. If you want PVP play Albion, Darkfall, Das-tal. Not this. This game is a carebear simulator.

    I'm the best retired PKer on this game I have over 100+ kills and only 8 deaths. I wear sick ass unblessed gear and people still can't kill me.

    After nearly breaking my keyboard because of the game's retarded mechanics I decided that it isn't worth playing. Getting away is way too easy. Even with stuns, slows. etc I can't even kill new players if they run.

    I am running a guild on Albion Online. Have fun with ur shitsim.



    @Lichester said:

    I like the bless scrolls. Make the items you spend hours getting worth it to use. Without the bless scrolls I would always have my rare items in the bank.

    not sure if you read my whole post but i was not opposing bless scrolls completely , just partially.

    LOL sorry for your anger zycor. Albion is themepark, DF was epic, DFUW is garbage, Das tal looks good but has a long way to go. Have a nice life


    @zycor said:

    I'm the best retired PKer on this game I have over 100+ kills of newbies and only 8 deaths to people that have actually played the game more than 2 days. I wear sick ass unblessed gear and whined like a baby when those 8 people killed me.

    Fixed ur post. Love u.


  • on a hardcore server restricting the bless scrolls makes sense. For me i'm just a peaceful farming wizard not a pvp mage. So im happy with the current state of bless scrolls. I'd rather not lose everything just walking through the woods. Sadly there's only one server for everyone atm. so you cant really get the dangerous balance you want without making it sad for the PvE people. when they divide into a PvP and PvE server though. then you murderous people can have all the bloody looting you want. But a lot of us just play because its an easy and enjoyable background game to macro grin some skills then go a little dungeoning. But being in a dungeon getting murdered, and not even having your body looted, just corpse camped so you cant get the items back that the pk'er doesnt want is pretty annoying and really turns me away front he pvp aspects. But thats just my opinion. If they for some reason just make one pvp server ill still play. but ill just macro grind on my own plot and teleport everywhere, and rarely do anything outside the safe zones like i do now. I have absolutely no problem playing this as a farm simulator. though then again when i max my build my pvp perception may change, so take this with a grain of salt. I'm pretty fickle.



    Hey man, to each their own.

    speaking in terms of pvp though you cannot call this mode "hardcore" if you can run around and not really be risking anything at all unless youre farming and have alot of mats and ardents on you.

    I dont come from UO I come from Darkfall (not DFUW), and in DF there was no such thing as blessing your gear. Now I understand the difference here. in UO and LR Items can be very very Unique which is awsome, and for that I can understand blessings, to a degree. In darkfall everything was pretty much in teirs and player crafted in what they called "ranks". Meaning if you lost somehting getting it back would just be a pain in the ass, grinding and getting more mats to make another or kill others of course..

    Listen, Im pretty bad at pvp but i love it and always trying to improve. (ask the UFO guys :D). This is why i had to backspace a million times when some guy came in here and was saying make PvE and PvP 1 server... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It took all i had from acting like a child cussing him out and all that jazz. I dont want the option to travel safely avaible to anyone including myself, and while I am not crazy about the current bless system, of course im gonna bless all my stuff just like everyone else.

    FOR ME I love open world PvP because i feel ten times more rewarded when i get stuff done and I am always on edge. Not because im gonna go out and "pWnzor all dem lil newsb Dawg". And with bl

    I am not a griefer like big bubba Zycor. I will try to kill anyone unless i can tell they are completely new to the game, then i am willing to help them in any way i can.

    If you posses a clan tag chances are i will attack you. But its ok, Im bad :)

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