Desecrate this World!!!


    after some experience i propose another suggestion for game-play

    In these days i noticed a lot of people prefer to leave dungeons for solo-play, for different reasons

    One of the reason i feel more is the "drop chance-rewarding" problem

    The actual drop rate is suitable for only 1 player, because going with more players reduce greatly the chance a player will get something good at the end of raid (the average is 10-15% drop chance, and the dropped artifact have to be rolled with 2-3 players, so your chance to get an artifact in a raid is really low)
    Another great problem is the ninja-looting, noone trust the mates that will jump on boss-corpse like middle-age men on a young virgin (excuse me for the example).

    So i thought a solution that should partially but radically resolve some of these problems, and the most interesting thing is that this solution ALREADY EXIST, but its not well applied

    All artifacts dropped by bosses of all dungeons must be DESECRATED, this will solve 3 problems:

    • Who loot an artifact start to shine, so he can't ninja-loot anymore without been surprised
    • Artifact cannot be blessed when picked up before coming out dungeons, this should give more emphasys to pk raids and force the players to cover each others
    • Increase the relations btw players, pushing them to do dungeons faster instead slower to avoid ganks and lose loot.

    About Tartaros elixirs, they should be desecrated too, preventing them to be drinked "unvoluntarly" by the picker....

    I know this do not resolve all problems, but i think will give a boost to the community relationships and game mechanics


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  • i comented it on the marksman is death post

    i still think that

    we need to ensure that rewards get loot biguer in quantities and quality if more players participate, so on that way a single player can get his loot, but 10 raid man will olso do.
    the share of the loot need to be automatic (no ninjas)

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