• Hi everyone.
    So since I started with LR I roled warrior, I wanted to be ranged with bows but since I found only arrows and also heard that these are considered a secondary weapon, I chosed to be a warrior and I don't even know why I haven'T thought about being a mage.

    Since I'm discovering everything, I just today kinda sinked in to the Spiritualism skill, learnd to use harvest soul and than I saw the tree, after clicking the question mark, it said what spell does what but it doesn't say when the spell will get unlocked or what the spell will need to be casted. Since I always was playing these classes when it came to casters. Warlock in wow for example. I really got excited and I wanna ask you. Is it possible to play caster just focused on spiritualism just as a warlock or necromancer or what you wanna call it? What does it need? Could you just give me some basic info on that so I could decide if I want to roll it that way or not? thanks for any response


    Hi Vepra,

    The game has a skill cap of 700 Points and you are allowed to put those points into any skills of your heart desires.

    If I am understaning you correctly you are asking if you can be a warrior while also being a all out "Spiritualist" and the answer is yes. In fact that is probably the best build at the moment. In its current state if you want to be anything in PvP you have to have at least 50 Spiritualism to get ice mage ( You get it at 40 but cant cast consistintly). Thats just my opinion, but if anyone is going to argue a player without mage spirit is able to beat a player with it, i would love to hear it.

    as far as bows go I have not used them but know they are very powerful and would use the for sure if i wasnt sorcery.

    Hope this helps and ask if you have any other questions

  • U can,u need max heallth stat,put rest of points in stamina and psi,with little more in psi then stamina,u need max wepon skill u using,about 90 battle tatcik skill,u need max rejevnation skill,max constitution skill,about 60 in invigoration skill,max spell defiance,max constitution skill,am a warior,and i can saywarior is best for pve dungeons he can tank all bosses,but in pvp warior isnt that great,mainly cas u literally have to be on top of your targetto have chance to hit but even at max wepon skill u will still miss alot,the other thing is thers no real wey to stop a target from runing away,ecspeccially u cant stop a mage whu uses blink spell to get away from u miles away and spam spells on u.


    Hey Vepra
    Gorstak is mistaken in telling you what you should/shouldn't build your character as.
    But he is correct on suggesting that you max your STR/HP ( This has proven to be most beneficial )
    You're able to build it how ever you like, and still be effective.

    You do not need max constitution.. or even any constitution for that matter. ( In my opinion.. More testing is needed for this particular skill)
    You do not need 60 invigoration..... maybe 40 max... if that.. ( it's only used to regenerate your stamina pool ) which is used to preform battle tactics. ( maneuvers with your weapon ).
    He is correct in suggesting that you spec 100 points into the Rejuvenation skill (This skill rejuvenates your health/life pool)
    This on top of spec'ing your gear with +Life Increase items, in my opinion is worth having at all cost.

    He explains that warrior is good in PvE.. which he's* correct.*.. a warrior is great in PvE
    but goes on to mention.. it's not good in PvP.. which hes incorrect... a warrior is by far the strongest.. most viable template to be created, if you want to PvP. *( as long as you have spiritualism).
    If we ( as players ) were allowed multiple characters... a Pure Warrior.. with Spiritualism would be my goto template.. in the current state the game is in.
    But changes to gameplay happen very often... and what maybe very weak one day.. may not be soo weak the next patch.. or vice versa.

    Spiritualism.. in.. and of itself.. is strong enough of a skill to have as a main skill.. which would make all the other skills secondary in nature.
    There's still alot of bugs.. and kinks to be worked out... cast timings... recovery timings...mana(int)/resource cost ect ect.

    with your 700 skill points.. You're able to have plenty of points to divide in between your skills, in many different ways.

    I personally enjoy:
    Sorcery..................................... (spells)
    Enlightenment........................(spell damage/duration increase)
    Mauling.....(no tactics)...........(warrior skill)
    Rejuvination..............................(regenerates life pool)

    This leaves 2 skills for you to play around with.... or more, depending on how you build..
    You can go offensive.. like battle tactics... another fighting skill...or both
    or even defensive or utility... such as Clairvoyance ( used to resurrect...peacemake/provoke,, debuffs like weaken ect)
    or hiding or lockpicking... which is good for a solo player.. or a player with a group..

    As you can see.. there are many routes you can take to be a viable player inside the game.
    Hope to see ya around.!

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