Prospecting and Mining

  • Hello to everyone....

    Searched web and wiki but couldnt find any usefull info about prospecting and mining skill...

    I want to learn how to :)

    My prospecting skill is now 61 and still cannot find any usable metals for crafting anything... only nuggets etc... I asked a player in-game and he said " buy a pickaxe from bs and try it" and I did what he said but cannot find any location for digging with pickaxe... Can anybody tell me please where to and how to dig with it :S I like to play Craft char for UO like games... but really stucked and started to boring.. If anybody give me a full information , I will be very pleased... Thanks :) Have a nice day


    I know that Prospectiong isn't fully implemented yet because of mining isn't implemented at all. Mining and blacksmithing will maybe come with the next big update. Properly sometime after the fall beta and in the start of the maybe winter beta? That is what I got to tell as it is right now.

  • ah :( thanks for answering...

    Thats very bad for crafters :( I think I ill quit playing till mining and prospectig skills and items finish...


    Ezmaral, you should wait untill you get a response from a developer before you quit playing :)
    No reason to stop now!


  • Some things I'd like to see added to prospecting are

    -Digging up treasure maps and maps to small hidden levels (like the gnome dungeon)
    -Finding uncommon seeds for planting in realms, or other things like roots for poisons
    -Might as dig up the occasional crystal seed. Fits thematically and is always a nice bonus for realm owners.
    -Digging up the occasional gnome mushroom spore, especially the colored ones.
    -Melt down the junk item found for metals used in crafting and other skills.
    -A way to convert gold dust to gold nuggets to gold bars. Who doesn't want to amass a pile of gold bars?
    -Gold dust and nuggets requires components in some crafting recipies
    -A bit more variety in prospecting locations, which offer different finds. Not necessarily rewarding monetarily, but some thematic changes too.
    -A couple more uber rare artifacts you can only find through prospecting.
    -Digging occasionally disturbs nests of various ground dwelling creatures, or reveals hidden caverns.

    The random giant worms are great.
    The random chests, jars, the novel variety of things you can find are fantastic. But they've got to have uses other than just to sell.

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