Macro Recorder for Mastery Basic Skills

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    Hello All.

    Some friends and me are trying to create a macro recorder for help people to record/execute to mastery basic skills in the game, so the project looks like just a little poor for now but we are constantly trying to build new things on it. So now we decided to share, it has a little of bugs yet but we gonna fix soon. The instructions and screenshots are inside the pack. Please let suggestions in the chat we need it so much! Thats all.

    Download Link: [Removed by Administrator]


    auto clicker and heavy object to hold key down is all i need

  • 30 ppl in game and 20 of them macro skills in their realms,ohboy so much fun in pvp game.

  • games like this are meant to macro really. I use Macro Recorder. it works well for everything ingame. And for mage characters its really necessary. trying to pvp with low sorcery is just suicide. spells fail too often.

  • Attention: the file contained a virus (trojan horse).

    If you have downloaded and run the .exe, start a full scan to your system with your antivirus - and don't forget to never trust random people sending you a .exe file on the internet. Always scan it first.

    @Angeleyes @Gorstak @xxpowerofsoundxx

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