how can i plant ( farm ) and get grapes??

  • i did plant it my realm , but after more than 24 hours nothing happens, only wheat seems appear, but i CANT collect it too..
    gnomes appeared( ok ) , but i need help bc my cooking is only lvl 1 , didnt make teh noob quests adn now i cant cooking anything,,,,

    pls help.... how can i FARM ?

  • plant seeds bee patient
    grapes take a long while and make sure you planted GRAPE seeds. if you need some to juice id be happy to throw some your way. i have a whole orchard

  • To raise your cooking, collect some tomatoes and juice them. THen I think it's wheat or peanuts on the grain mill.

  • tomatoes to level one. then green grapes or melon to level 3
    cant use the mill stones till level 3

  • Seriously though, the cooking/farming thing is terrible and has been for ever. All the foods are useless, and only the drinks have any use at all. 80% of the entire system is there just as a barrier to progress.

    The devs seem to have an unrealistic expectation of what's playable. Players don't want to play because core systems remain incomplete or half assed, and the devs don't want to take the time to develop those core systems because nobody is playing.

    THat said, the gnomes are a brilliant and fun aspect of farming. As are farming melonites. Heals are ok, but the rest needs to be more relevant. I like the potential of the Poison skill, with those new plants in the wild. Give a few of them seeds and make them growable in your realm. You'd probably want longer grow times for poison plants, like days or a week.

    The foods and drinks you make with cooking have to be relevant in the game's economy, otherwise the game's not going to have an economy. ANd let's be honest, LinkRealms has never had much of an economy ever. At least in all the years I played it.

  • i didnt really mind the cooking grind considering it only took me about 4 hours of actual grind to raise to the point whaere i can make chardoney. Ive almost completely removed everything but grapes from my realm though. because the other food items are useless. bread is uselful if your low on cash and dont ant to go hunting or dungeoning. Just make a 1k batch of bread (easy with the aluminum bowl and metal oven you get from the store. the cook batches of 500 each) and then repeatedly accept and complete the beginner quest over and over again. a thousand bread which i caan make in about 20 minutes nets 18k argents.

  • @xxpowerofsoundxx said:
    Ive almost completely removed everything but grapes from my realm though. because the other food items are useless.

    Could you tell me how did you remove everything? I planted wrong seeds on wrong spot and I just have no idea how to remove them now :|

  • herbicide sold by the farmers. it removes any crops you planted. weill also kill gnome sprouts if you get them before they turn into actual gnome houses

  • Could you tell me also, can I plant grapes square by square? Or grapes need space between planted lines?

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