Bugged quests

  • The one where you have to kill Rabbids, Turkeys and Deers. It only takes one of each kind, even if quest told something else. And even when quest proceeds (for example rabbits->turkeys) after some time/relog it came back to rabbids.

    Next are the quests in Cricket Cave- I couldn't finish the one with Erwigs (General doesn't spawn, I've only witness some bug talk about him).


    Cricket cave is fine actually, its a stage dungeon which means you have to kill so many bugs and another mob comes out to fight and so on until the boss comes out.

  • I've killed plenty of Erwigs, that even those mushroom-creatures came out and still no General anywhere :c


    The general coming out is random. Basically a group of the earwigs? have to get together and nominate a leader who eventually becomes the general. You will see the general with a decent sized group of earwigs around him.


    There is no bug. nearly all quest resets if you log out and in again. The general only spawns if you don't kill earwigs. try gather them close together and get them to talk with each other about nominating a general.

  • The general isn't random. You need to group 5 earwigs together, and eventually hey will elect a general. Just lead off the earwigs to one corner until there's enough of them.

    Try having a general on the screen when the cricket king arrives. :)

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