Hexa wand (Cricket Cave) Don't drop anymore??


    I have done the Cricket Cave like 10 times now without the wand dropping. I know in the alpha it was like a 50/50 drop, but now it doesn't seem to drop at all. Is that maybe a bug or am I just really unlucky??


    I did cricket cave a ton too and never got one.


    dang... its a very useful item .. if you're looking to solo the Blackwoods dungeon.
    Even if you're not looking to solo that particular dungeon.. it still comes in very handy , even with a group.
    preventing your members from having to take unnecessary damage from the circuit breaker.
    You can never have too many Hexapede wands.. in my opinion

  • Looks like the Cricket Lord wasn't using his "unique" loot table at all - that loot table includes essences, argents and sometimes the Firefly or the Hexapede wand. It's been fixed, will be live next patch :)

  • @Prometheus hey man, i played teh game (open week), but i dont have a beta key...could you be cool and send me one ?


    pls be nice .. <3

    i would appreciate any answer... thanks

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