Need help with planted seeds

  • I planted some seeds in my realm. Can someone tell me how to remove them? Or at least how to replace them with other seeds?

    Also in my "gardening space" there are squares I can't plant anything (even if I planted each square around this one), because it says "there is something blocking this location". Could someone explain to me how to fix it?

  • @Vetro hey, how are you playing,?? where did you get your key? nobody seems answer me here...i dont understand, im aking for a shit key...they being is that?

    how did you get your key?

  • @bilionario i signed up for the beta and got randomly selected. If your apart of a gaming community or forum or have a large youtube following they'll give you a key for spreading the word about the game. Or just buy a founders pack and help support the game. Those are your options whining and begging around the forums isn't going to get you anywhere.

    the square you cant plant on are gnomes starting to sprout. herbicide can remove them as soon as you see the mushroom stalk appear so watch for it. also herbicide will remove any plants you planted once they start sprouting.

  • So gnomes are starting to sprout even before I finished planting seeds? Like i said in other topic, herbicide just doesn't work at all...
    'I just planted seeds and after that I have only "dirt mounds" around. After I use herbicide on it, game says "nothing seems to happen"...'

  • AFTER they start to sprout. you'l have to chill for a little it. it doesnt work on the mounds just the sprouts.
    and yes gnomes will start to spawn if you dont have scare crows.

  • So after they start to sprout, I use herbicide on them, and then they disappear and I can plant other seeds?

  • @xxpowerofsoundxx but why i cant get a key here? i played last week all days...the game had like 40 players online..
    someone could send me akey.... its just

    pls do you know any developer ? ask him to answer me... pls


  • the developer usually on the forum is @Prometheus

  • Could you tell me also, can I plant grapes square by square? Or grapes need space between planted lines?

  • soace between the lines. they cant be walked through. corn and hops are the same way, also tomatoe plants. ive got about 100 grape plants so far running in lines with gaps every 6 or 7 plants so i can easily walk between

  • nice garden mate ;p thanks for your answers

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