viper mods


    Is there anyway we can make viper mods less precise when it comes to swapping.

    like.... leather for leather... cloth for cloth.. ect ect

    instead of.. hard leather only going to hard leather... scale leather only going to scale leather.. ect ect

    I understand the needs of item specific transfers.. I personally would like to see it as it used to be
    Where viper mods can be swapped with any item.. You find the aesthetic item of desire.. then use your viper mod swap to transfer over to your item of choice.

    Im sure this has been brought up in the past.. numerous times hehehe.. . It was a great aspect of the game.. that I enjoyed.
    Just finding your item that you like how it looks.. but has bad stats.. then swapping it over
    Thanks for taking this suggestion into consideration.. I understand you guys have been really busy with a ton of other things. :)


    I agree, especially with higher metal items that spawn only on Darklings.

  • THat's how it used to be, but the devs think being able to tell what kind of armor your opponent has just by looking at it is more important than you wanting to look the way you want in a sandbox. Because, you know, that's how it was in UO.

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