~ Suggestion Thread~ How to work our way to a brighter future

  • Hello everyone!

    This post is created after the latest announcements from the developer team about the future of Linkrealms.

    I personally beleive that the game is at the current situation due to some mistakes that the people responsible for the game couldent predict, or did wrong in the end. Still i m not pointing fingers here against the Devs, i m saying this in a friendly manner and since i got some more time today i m here to write down my thoughts, point out things that are done wrong in my opinion and help the Devs clear their minds and get this project back in course. I say will try to help, but i can be wrong.

    I am playing MMORPGS since Runescape era and have played a great number of those since then and many of those on a competative level, and i feel that i really know what the MMO community is missing and wants to see in an MMO. Now this thread iis theoretical and it will need drastic changes to the approach you have to the game and your bussiness in general.

    You mentioned about revamping cash shop but i wanna state this one last time here, a bussiness is not viable just by 50 customers. No bussiness is. This post will suggest drastic general changes in order to make this game a community with much more ppl, cause this is what the game needs. I mean its @Siltoruz, @Gorstak , @Holya , @DarkMiraxus @x-star @Myhal @jymnils @Meziljin @etc etc etc (sry i cant mention all, but you get the point).
    To be honest i am looking for the perfect MMO for tooooooo many years now, and i have almost found it here, but in the end is not gona be it, cause the game over is near. For a game to be successfull we need much more players than that. 200+ online at all times not 25!

    I feel that Devs have clearly failed with promoting the game right. I am looking for MMOs for years and i only found out about it 2 months ago after steam f2p. Also keeping the game at development state for like 4-5 years now and still have only a base product to show, doesnt make customers feel secure about it. It feels sloppy.

    1. Linkrealms website is unappialing and needs to change.
    2. Negative reviews must be turned over.
    3. Going to Steam with a mid-lvl pruduct progress made ppl that approached it without being ready leave it aside.
    4. You promote the game as UO clone. You shouldent. Make a nice design and RESELL your pruduct.
    5. Game is nowhere on Youtube, reviews etc
    6. many many other things that crossed my mind for seconds but they are off now

    At the post i linkin the beginning of the post i recommended to youto stop being sloppy with updating , make an organised plan, redisign your marketing profile, make a nice promo,conclude this 9,* patches to point 9.9 and then name this whole project a TEST phase.
    After that go crowdfunding. You might not like this idea, but this will save your bussiness and our game. Use the community you already have to perfect the game, make a calculation on how much you need to finish production and advertising,(correct one this time) and get the playerbase to the pointwhere your fucking awesome old-retro but lovable and warm idea deserves. I mean 1000s of ppl in here.

    I have to many suggestions to make, and i will. but first i need a reponse to this. Your promise that you wont let the game die, and to be honest 25 ppl online is dead as my private minecraft server. So plz consider this idea. FFXIV is my example again and they made millions from it. You can do this. :)

  • Ok i want to add on those things that here my suggestion is to find the funds to start anew, reHYPE the game and get more players that will allow for this game to have a profitable healthy Development team. I clearly suggest to add staff to your team, and this is not a referance to a previous conversation @Prometheus . I mostly mean programmers and stuff and also some ppl to help promoting.

    You need to make drastic changes to game and clearly make this much much much bigger, with more content, things to do, and imagination. I dont mean more dungeons only.

    I wrote a few sugestions already but erased them cause the point here is not to add suggestions to a worn game but to get out a word from you that you are not abandonig production but you are open to find new ways to gain a budget that alows you guys to fix the games issues and rpromote it the right way.

    After that i m gona write my suggestions.

  • An advertising push at this point would be a mistake. We had a pretty good influx of new players on the PvE server over the past couple of weeks, and none of them have stuck around.

    For starters, there's the useless skills. People see poisoning, and think cool, but poison sucks. Hiding sucks. I was struggling as a mage for months until someone told me to try Disintegrate, now I'm on shotting eveyting. Basically, to play this game, you have to take advantage of the imbalances, not make an actual build.

    One of the first things people do on the PvE server is cooking and tailoring. Unfortunately, there's no crops available to pick, and new players can't afford a realm to grow. Then there's dumb amount of clicking required for farming. As for tailoring, you'll never make anything better than what you can find on the bank floor.

    Nothing ever gets finished in this game. Don't hold your breath waiting for light armor or weapons in blacksmithing. How about that robe that drops in Tartaros that has had no stats on it for years?

    I managed to put together a small guild, and for all the dungeons we've run, we haven't found a single artifact. If you do find one, chances are it's going to be garbage. I traded in my 20 Pstones with my mage the other day, and got a PvP mage crusher hammer. Absolutely useless.

  • Trying to write the post above, I ran out of room on my screen! just... bah

  • to retain new players (3 to 5 ) each day, the game need to polish the mid low part of the game, when the people decide to stay or to leave, i already proposed to revamp the wiki and website, (more videos of raids and tournaments), but for the people to stay we need alive cityes
    for that devs need to

    1. get the quest line updated to near mid game and to mention the end game rewards at least
    2. we need the npcs to walk the cityes, to talk between them and to themselvs, and let the humans npc read or hear that, the conversations need to be hints of raids actually on game, directions and what prepaations need to be done
    3. the new IA NPC need to change tasks, quests considering the day time (day/night) making the rogue vendor apear on the city on the nights its always great ;D

    as silituz mentioned, this game have potential to be the most awasome of all, just need refinement
    plz devs really consider my reforms to loot and crafting system, i now founded a nearly perfect crafting system on other game would like to share if any of you got interested ;D

  • OK as I have said in cash shop thread I will now here make NY general suggestions to the game. I would like this to become a thread where we all post ideas and things to fix or expand in near or long future.

    In my first post I mention I have a lot of suggestions, but to be able to implement those you need to find more Dev staff and some budget first cause I will talk about big general changes/expansions. These could be all implemented few by few in major updates.


    1. If new people come we all need a much bigger world. Many more realms and new cities.
      2.Complete quest line, which will take newcomers through all basic mechanics, important locations and NPCs. This will also add more single player content.
    2. More context as random NPCs wandering the world in caravans, bandit camps, secret people in caves lairs that move in the world, giving random quests etc. Make the world more alive in general. Have people talk to NPCs for information, random quests, timed random boss locations etc.
      4.Better new player protection. Here I will reintroduce some @jymnils ideas mixed with mine. This BTW will be long post.
    • Time protection for new players. Like give them the ability to get from quests/or cash shop, or a special NPC the ability to buy/get a one time prolonging of protection status. One time only, for like the first 10-15 days.
    • Credit to @Meziljin cause he gave base to think on the next idea. You need to make dungeons harder, with more loot droped, so more people can go in there and fight for more lootz. This is important. Dont screw and ruin the existing dungeons as i beleive there should be soloable dungeons too. But add new ones where its not possible to finish with less than 3-4 players. Add more than one bosses there, and add valuable loot. Like more than one artifact, good credit, add some chests that have valuable loot inside etc. This will bring PK protection because: People are getting PKed ussually by 2-3 man parties. Those PKs scout dungeons and w8 for final boss to sapwn or even die before they come in and steal the loot. The mechanic this game uses makes it hillarious easy for a serious PK to do it because. Most dungeons are run solo atm and this is because of the drop rates and that it is more efficient to solo than party atm in there. This makes solo runners a very easy target in there. Now make loot to be sufficient for 3-4 players and make dungeons that cant be run by less. Then you will have 4 people in the dungeon and now PKs will be outnumbered. They will actually have to fight a full party and risk diying to steal a raid. If dungeons stay solo content as they are now, this favors PKs by a huge margin. Original post from @Mez is here, but those are my additions to explain an other benefit of implementing this. I ll say once more in bold.This is important
    • Add the idea off mercenaries as companions. You can make a merchenery guild where people can go to hire expensive NPC heroes to have protection against PKs, Home security etc. Make those available with Argents, maybe to legal players only, and give em the ability to have plenty. Maybe after a court quest, which will give you permission to use then outside towns only to really fair ppl like crafter's/gatheres. Not something crazy like 1 hitting but definite elite protection for the wealthy merchants.
    • I would like to see a major patch with those 2 things simultaneously implemented. @jymnils have credit on this.
      One outlaw outpost/camp/city where will be the PK haven. There you could get illegal stuff ( like drugs that buff some skills while dubuff others for some time etc), do illegal activities like gambling minigamez, hire spies/scounts that can report of player activity to certain appointed locations every given amount of time. Make them roam the world like normal mobs and carry their contract on them, so people can kill them and know which player hired them. This be great random event also.
      Have NPCs there attack players with low reputation ( meaning blues and merchants that don't receive the fear and respect from outlaws)
      To balance this, you should add a kingdom of legal ppl aka the government. We could even have PvP events or election for the actual king to be a player, spots for king council too. Something on top of Regional Controll project. Even bigger than that. The government can appoint guard patrols that will attack reds on sight, and also fight with scouts and outlaw NPC patrols. These can end up being a nice event if a player finds a legal/illegal NPC party fighting each other, and by helping one or the other several quests or reactions can trigger.
    • Adding to the previous suggestion and only if that is implemented simultaneously, guards should be appointed to legal cities owned by the government. Red players should be baned for legal cities and guard NPCs in there should attack them. Looting should be allowed in Outlaw town but it should be criminal activity in legal cities. I suggest a PKs money and nonblessed gear should be confiscated by the government. Adding to that, players running for Kings should be lawfull only and inspected from the GMs so they are not PK alts. People that control the government should choose how those wealth from PKs should be used.
    1. Make a ranking system that also displays on your site. Rank the wealthiest, biggest badasshes pkwise, and most government hunters. Make a bulletin board for outlaw city where PKs can put assassination jobs, and on legal towns bounties. Give also option for hiring NPC assassins and hunters.

    2. Device gear into tiers. You should have best tier be drop only and very very hard to get. Bellow that, make another artifact tier like the shared ones now, with bigger drop rates, but also give the ability to top crafters, like 125 ones to get a very very low chance to create a masterpiece. I mean certain artifact gear templates, with some random stats in there, so you can controll that they can be close or even more OP from the dropped ones but with less skill gains. Make it with very low chances like 0.1-0.* % chance. This will add much depth to crafting also. Finally low tier artifacts that drop in VIP dungeons as I explain in cash shop thread, and maybe add slight chances for low tier artifacts to some world bosses too, like ones in invasions or new random ones.

    3. Adding to that and the happy fact that we get more ppl add an arena where ppl can compete in and be rewarded with special currency that get gear specialized for PvP. Also give the option to compete solo or in pt to survival mode PvP, against to other gladiators with huge skill buffs, so its a wager competition with rewards and NPCs freakingshly hard to beat so only a hand full of people can reach infinity. Also a mode with waves of NPCs/mobs. Those last 2 modes can reward currency for PvE low tier gear, could be limited daily entrance and could reset once per day with VIP access as I explain in cash shop thread, or even by cash shop consumable.

    4. A very big but awesome feature is Sea Exploration! I suggest here, add a city with a harbour. Also sea realms, coast realms and island realms. Give the ability to carpenters to make boat parts and in the end with a huge amount of materials to be able to craft boats, from small fishing ones to huge multi-crew ones for guild uses. Make naval combat available and allow us to search the oceans and islands for lost treasure, make trading missions from town to town, escort merchants etc.

    5. Adding to the above, I would like to see this in land too. Like more towns and a system that will allow trading goods from town to town for crafter's/merchants and people that don't want to fight that much. Like a chart ( make those craftable from carpentry too) where merchant fill it with goods and transport it to a faraway town or island to trade and make huge profits. This wagon should be guarded throughout the trip cause reds and criminals might try to attack and steal the cargo. Those are already there in games like Black Desert and Albion. Its where the MMO market is now, and those things add fluff. Things to do on a boring day.

    I will continue with additions to game content and some fixes to current one on next post here a bit later today. I will make more posts in time and explain my thoughts step by step. This part was mostly for PK issue fix and some new contentc that i beleive will improve solo/more casual play, and also RP stuff with bounties elections etc.

    I will go more indepth about Fixes, Improvements to content aready out, Crafting, and more later

  • Ok. I ll go on with more additions and fixes here:

    1. Realms

    Linkrealms is a game of realms. I was drawn into this game because of the ability to own and control non-instanced areas that other people would see and interact with in the game universe. Now the base is there but the whole system needs improvement. I told you already about making the whole world bigger, whith more cities,dungeons,random events and at least x2-x3 the size of owned areas. now

    • I d like to see the ability to own and link nearby realms. This will give the ability to mass manipulate the environment and create user run kingdoms, cities, outposts, mines, trading areas, etc (this will also need changes to crafting system exlplained later and ofc more possibilities with realm editor and items for realm through cash shop and in-game. More cash too). This should probably remove the non-manipulated area of reamls and/or give the ability for players to choose from premade biomes from what they want the "gap" to be filled with between their realms.
    • Controll the alt realm claiming thing, cause honestly i can claim all the current free realms and keep them for as long as i want today if i want to with alts without getting caught.(this should discussed in its own place)
    • Give guilds more options with guild owned realms. Give the leader 2-3 additional realms labeled as guild property. They can include special services,npcs,items etc both obtained by drops and cash store. Like guild quest npc, guild anouncement board, guild bank, guild trainers (even we can use people in the guild with Titles for ex. 100 sorcery etc to afk train other ppl from the guild if left at the aprropiate place in guild training building). I mean *Guild Halls, guild quests, group fun stuff. OFC the claims should cost much, and should be contributed by all guild members and also some stuff there can have expeses paid weekly from contribution.
    • More options when securing items in realms. You need to seperate friends from guild members. Add more chests to able to be secured, or even do that from cash shop extension. Also make it possible to make a list of specific people we want to have access to each chest. This is really important.
    • Try to improve realm editor not with content but with simplicity and easy to use. Also i personally beleive that editor should only include walls,tiles, textures etc. ALL other decoratives should be made by crafting proffessions to give more value to crafters. Also make creating floors as simple as it should be. A button to swhitch floors would be awesome.

    I will go more on crafting later.

  • @Siltoruz this about realms (except for the last part about no sprites in the editor) i agree with completly. the realms and pet system that was on the games trailer is what got me to play. the realms and the roosters (even though they are useless they are fun) is what kept me playing after i got tiered of running the same dungeons constantly.

    i would like to add to your post not JUST expand on the realms but allow player created dungeons as well. this would bring more depth to the player created content AND it would give the game endless content without the devs actually having to do the work to create such content (aside from the initial edits to allow players to do it)

    no more 2 towns.... there's infinite number of towns (as many as players make them)
    no more "just a few dungeons" there is infinite amount of dungeons (same as above.. players create them)

    and if they do like you suggested with guild realms in addition to personal realms then could also do guild dungeons.

    anyway there is a number of ways this could be done... but what i would suggest is one of 2 things.... first simple the 2nd i think would be better though....
    1st- you simply create the the layout of the dungeon not adding any mobs but each (litteraly every) mob in the world has chance to drop a spawner that you can place in your player dungeon.

    2nd- same as above where the player only creates the layout of the dungeon and decorates it. but instead of mobs dropping spawners, you create achievements and one of them achievements is master XXXX slayer. there would be one of these for each mob and once you got this achievement the reward for it would be a spawner.

    in both cases the spawners should have difficulty settings. and the loot table used should be dependant on the difficulty settings

  • 2. Crafting
    OK here I will mention things that will boost crafting and will create an alternative trading/economy game style for more casual PvE orientated people so they can finally fit in the PvP server.

    • I will not go into tailoring atm cause @Developers are talking about revamping this, but I will add this. Plz consider my idea about random low tier artifact templates with low rates under 0.5%. Also find a way to make it more rewarding like adding xp to green items or something to spice it up a bit.
    • Blacksmithing must be also revamped asap. Make it work as tailoring does. Make enhancing available for blacksmithing too and also add quests for it just like tailoring. About enhancing you might need to mess with resistances a bit cause it might bring unbalance again.
    • I also know you ve been working on this, but I will still mention it cause it feels important. We want more professions! Alchemy for potion(many,stam,psi,buffs etc),weaponsmithing/bowmaking, carpentry to make tools and furniture, fishing as an extra coocking profession, gardening/farming for growing crops(like the ability to yield better rank crops with higher lvl which will give higher rank and better final product), maybe something like DnDs animal husbandry for taming and breeding mounts,pets and livestock.I would like to hear more ideas on that.
    • Now adding to the idea above, I would like to suggest an even bigger addition that will give character and specialization to some of the crafter's out there. This is a system where every material has a rank that describes the quality of each material. This will have to do with the gatherers lvl combined with his expertise on the certain material (coming from how much he has gatherede the exact material). Materials can then be ranked from F to A+ or S rank. Then let's say that an F rank tomato would give tomato juice with low heal amount, while S rank could be x2 that amount.
      This is the system used in Star Wars Galaxies and was the feature that made the game, cause now we will have many crafter's but only one that is famous for his potions for example. All other 125 skilled crafter's make good potions but if you want the best you need to w8 for player X to log in cause he is the one that has S grade material for that product only. Of you want armour you find the best smith etc.
      This will also give character to single items. Even heals won't be the same again.
    • To further expand my general ideas about crafting I will add this cause its a huge feature that no one discussed before, but other games have it and I would like to suggest it from first week here. But this needs separate discussion. Give us the ability to make boats from carpentry. Fishing boats, fighting boats, exploration boats. Give this game a pirate side and the ability to gather wood and material to make huge boats. This could work as guild objective too with lots and lots of mats needed. This can also be worked as a mini game where you can make ships that need a crew of players to control its functions simultaneously. This is going to general ideas too.

  • Hoyla mentioned elsewhere there's no sense of progression in this game, it's just RNG hell. That's not fun in any way. The drop rates are poor, and the collectible ingredients are 90% useless.

  • @Roundwaters said in ~ Suggestion Thread~ How to work our way to a brighter future:

    Hoyla mentioned elsewhere there's no sense of progression in this game, it's just RNG hell. That's not fun in any way. The drop rates are poor, and the collectible ingredients are 90% useless.

    Prom said they have a game designer, which I do not believe. If there is one, he should be fired.

    Well I wanna add one issue here. As a new player here I believed that progress would show when auction house came where we could all sell artifacts for millions.
    After some time in the game i realised that no one will have the gold to directly pay for those in Auction House cause it seems that the game in general generates more wealth in item form than it does in gold.

  • @Roundwaters said in ~ Suggestion Thread~ How to work our way to a brighter future:

    Hoyla mentioned elsewhere there's no sense of progression in this game, it's just RNG hell. That's not fun in any way. The drop rates are poor, and the collectible ingredients are 90% useless.

    and holya is right , the sense of progresion ends after getting 80 on any skill, and become grinding/macroin, no mather is its a trader or its a fighter

    for the crafting .-

    1. more items need to be available for crafting with diferent uses and stats not only the apereance
    2. the crafting profesions need to be related, by example the gold needle made by a good BS need to be of use for some serius crafting (consumable) on the tailoring profesion
    3. no more random stats on eceptionals, randomization need to be taken of the crafters stats not of blind numbers by example
      a BS with 125 STR can produce armors with +1 to +5 STR= (SQR(STR))
      the same with every available stat and skill the Crafter has, we can randomize the the number of addons and the strengt of the buff but at least it will be a "SYSTEM" that will maintain the crafters working on it for AGES, no the blind rulete we have now ;D
    4. the NPCs need to pay more for exceptional items and even more for the strength and quantity of the addons, on this rate the crafter should be able to produce green, blue and even artifact like items with some time. (months)

  • @jymnils I agree with you. Not sure about no 3 though. I like the idea but I want to see even more than that, like the ranking system I mention in crafting part of post

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