NOT another Holya need to go topic ;D

  • @Holya said in The Future of Linkrealms - An Open Discussion on Monetization:

    a) I've never done that.
    b) I only do that to people who talk shit on the forums, I actually leave more than most PKers
    c) I've never done that, and if somebody fell for that it'd really be their own fault
    d) I don't do that anymore, controlling most nodes isn't worth it. Do you think it was a bad thing for me to give new/bad players a route to dungeon gear without being PKed?

    a) a guild member reported that action, hard to belive he wants to show himself as an idiot
    b) lie, you did it to me, and to other 2 people that i know on the last week, 1 of them dont even know english and its not on the forums.
    d) more lies , you offer that too me 3 weeks ago, did the same to ozziris 1 week ago we got SS

    your not offering FREE things, your asking for MONEY to use a PUBLIC area,

    who in the hell you belive you are to decide who "deserves" to keep an item, seems you got a very dificult chidhood really ;D

    BTW on no place on my post i asked for the DEVS to ban you, your the perfect example of a BAD example, its up for the devs to decide what is best for they game, you or the comunity ;D, not my desicion ;D and its not a election ;D

  • a) I think I know the incident you're talking about. AFriendGuy or something was his name. I cybered with him in Riverbank, and he added me to friends. I told him to tell me where anybody is in the wilderness so I can murder them, and also that I'd murder him if I saw him in the wilderness.

    Fast forward a couple hours, he messages me asking for help completing Blackwoods. I told him it's a bad idea to give me his location, as I'd be murdering him on any occasion he isn't leading me to others. Regardless, out of kindness I completed the dungeon with him, split the loot, and again reminded him not to give me his location, and to run from me if he sees me.

    You know what he did? Continued farming whatever for like two hours, then walked past my house, stood next to my door and said "hi". You better believe I murdered the shit out of him, he clearly wasn't going to learn his lesson by words. I didn't even dry loot him, but considering he calls me mean things every time we pass each other in the safe zone I regret that decision. ;c

    b) I do it to you because I don't like you. The most recent example of you talking shit on the forums is:

    I don't know who your friend is, if they're from NWO that would be another reason to do so. I don't believe I've dry looted anybody recently, it's just too much effort for the tears. It's not even something I consider bad, or would be ashamed of if somebody accused me.

    d) 1-3 weeks ago is still past tense, and a long time within the context. I don't remember seriously offering that to either of you, but either way, I still haven't been actively controlling nodes. If somebody wants to give me argents/materials in exchange for protection in nodes I'm not even protecting, I'm not going to decline.

    Also, I would point out this is a sandbox game. The concept of a public area doesn't exist, unless the players introduce it. I can claim anything for my own, and if I'm capable of holding/defending it, then it is mine.

  • Everyone knows that Holya is a Mitoman =)

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