add days to the realm

  • They remained five days on my realm. After purchasing a claim stake in the game I tried to use it to add more days but it does not work.
    How can I add days to my realm?

  • i'm having same problem. i think you have to let expire.

  • @aghatos @Arislan if you are using a free claim stake (from the bank) you can use it on an existing claim only if it has less than 5 days left. If it has more, you should get the message "You can only use this Claim Stake if your realm has less than 5 days left". If it has less than 5, it should work and you should get the message "7 days have been added to your claim". So nope, you don't have to let is expire, unless there's a new bug we're not aware of.

    What is happening to you exactly?

  • @Prometheus

    I thank you for the answer. There are actually five days, so tomorrow it should work.

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