Chicken Taming/Attacking!

  • Ok, I'm a newbie here. I just got my free chicken. I fed it the starter food so it follows me... How in the world do I get it to attack anything? Also I heard something about pet equipment... how do I get that?



  • It won't attack as long as it has loyal scratch, it only has eyes for you.

    You can buy weapons from the cook. Crystals or Orbs will allow it to heal you. You can summon 5 at once, which makes for a pretty good healing squad.

  • as said, if they have loyalty scratch they won't do anything besides heal you.

    if they don't have loytalty scratch then they will attack anything, other roosters, random mobs, and even you and your party members as well as not follow and just stand at start of the zone.

    also when using them as healing even fully leveled they will simply die from the first aoe attack as their max health is only 60 so they are unusable anytime you plan to use or fight against mobs that use aoe attacks.

    lastly, if you do still find them useful there is a scratch that is "guild loyalty scratch" which could be helpful if you party with your guild members.

  • They don't always attack without loyalty. Sometimes they have the passive genes and don't fight anything.

    They're always good for a quick heal after you die.

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