Fall Beta End (11-23-15) & News

  • Hi everyone,

    after three weeks of fun in the most populated testing phase so far, the time of the Fall Beta has sadly run out. As announced in the Patch News, the live server has been shut down until the start of the Winter Beta.

    Once more, we would like to thank you all for your participation and your invaluable feedback. Several bugs and balancing issues have been spotted and will be fixed before the start of the Winter Beta.

    Here are a few additional information for you.

    What is going to happen to our characters now?

    Nothing! When the Winter Beta starts, you will find you character exactly as you left it.

    When will the Winter Beta start?

    It will start in late December / early January - an even shorter time than the one between he Summer Beta and the Fall Beta! The exact launch day will be announced as soon as possible.

    What do we do in the meantime?

    If you have purchased a Prince Founder Pack, you can keep playing on the Test Server. Otherwise, keep following the forums and our social pages to be always up to date with the development of Linkrealms!

    What new implementations will be included in the Fall Beta?

    In short: support for multiple characters and character deletion, improved character creation, the Vendor Contract System, and a great deal of PvE rebalancing. Check out the Development Roadmap for more information!

    Will there be a PvE server in the Winter Beta?

    Once more, that depends on the size of the playerbase, so we can't promise anything!

    Will the next Beta be on Steam Early Access?

    We are starting the integration of Linkrealms into Steam right now. However, since the task will be carried out in parallel with other implementations, it's not guaranteed that the next Beta will be already on Steam. If not, it will take place in Q1 2016!

    See you all soon and enjoy Linkrealms!

  • Cool Beans... I can wait a month.

    I was worried as the rumor was it would be February 2016.

    Will we need a new Beta key, or will the one I was just playing under still be valid?


    Cool, thanks for the update :)
    I really hope to see LinkRealms on EA in Steam and the upcoming PvE Server since playerbase will greatly increase as soon as this game will land on steam => Will gladly raise my pledge then (btw, Prince Founder upgrade will be possible until release, right?)


    Looking foward to the roadmap, I am excited.

    Question about the steam release, do you intend to keep doing these betas in stages like this? how will that integrate with the way EA on steam works?

  • @mentalalchemist it's a good idea to stick to official information on the website and forum - way better than "rumors" ;) Anyway, your key will be still valid!

    @Kerkyon Yes, possible until release :)

    @Angeleyes Only until EA. Then, as you said, the beta servers will have to be permanently open.

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