whos playing albion


    thinking of playing but is it fun?

  • I have played it during firts alpha tests. At first it looks fun, but:

    1)You get materials for crafting, it is ok. After you craft item on lvl 1, you need this item + next tier materials for item level 2 - you think "ok", then this item + a lot of materials to get lvl 3, then this item and tons of material for lvl 4 etc etc what is kinda boring and annoying (especially if you just die and lose totally everything and you need to start over).
    2)All items look just the same, only tier is different and maybe their icon background.
    3)Skills depends on your equpiment. You equip cape and you have to choose 1 skill from few assigned skills to it, which you will see after equpping it. Same with axe, sword, armor etc etc.
    4)Game is still unabalanced even now - Some skills are unbalanced, also mobs are strong like hell (2 at once are hard but 3 at once is mostly death)
    5)You really need good guild there, otherwise you will get zerged by others and I really mean zerged - people just run around together with like 20+ players. Soloing in this game has no place at all unless you are selfsadist and just love to die and craft everything over and over again.

    If you can enter it for free, then do it and test it, but if you want to buy it just to enter - it is not worth of your money and time.


    I folded and got it cause some of my clan guys are playing. I knew what to excpect. It's a themepark game really with "sandbox" slapped on it.
    Alot of people are comparing it to UO........... its nothing like UO no idea where they pull that from
    If you like mind numbing boring grinding for hours its good mind you one which will be wiped in 3 months. HAvent done PvP yet

    As for the game its good for what it is.... pretty simple.. fun little game. Not too great not garbage either.

    Personally i Prefer Linkrealms and Shards more classic UO take.
    To make the decision easy for you If you are bored and have 30$ to blow go for it if you can manage wait till end of dec


    I tried it, I can resume the click fest for you...

    a) run in circle to find resource nodes that are not emptied by other players
    b) if there is 10 resource units in it (lucky), click 8 times to gather them (last collection is 3 units, do not ask why) - click, progress bar, click, progress bar...
    c) go in town with your resources, transform them to a usable item (wood -> planks, and so on). MEGA progress bar, go get a coffee or something
    c.i) if you are on a higher tier, do that 2-3 times...
    d) create a gazillion of leather chest armor to be able to craft the next tier
    e) go salvage each of those gazillion item, one by one, drag and drop from one side of the screen to the other... I had to stop because my wrist was hurting...

    Rinse and repeat.

    PVP is based on the zone. Green = no pvp, yellow = kind of no pvp, red = pvp, black = pvp again. It's kind of buggus for me, I do not like the concept you have to flag yourself as pvp'er in the yellow zone to fight other people who also flagged their character... No lonewolves around, just major zerg fest there.

    The UI is made for tablets, so expect huge buttons in your screen blocking your view.

    Basically, since Linkrealms is down at the moment, we are fucked.

  • i want to play but too expensive ;(


    I played it for 8 hours and I'm done. There is no creativity in the design of this game. I should have upgraded my lr founder pack or bought one for my alt instead of paying for this trash.




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