Hey Devs

  • I was hoping there would be a way to keep in contact with you. From the looks of things you're redoing the websites and wiki pertaining to LinkRealms. I did some research and discovered this won't be the first iteration of the game. It sucks i missed out on it before, but is there any ETA of when it'll be playable and how we can keep in contact with you guys. I discovered this today and I'm chomping at the bit, figuratively speaking. Thanks guys.

  • @Keirune About keeping in contact, I think I replied to you in your other post :) About this one not being the first iteration of the game, it's definitely true, the game has been in development for a while by a very small indie team. The development team has been expanded recently, and we decided to revamp the whole web department and to start promoting the game which is in a very advanced state of development anyway - Steam is only the beginning! ;) Thank you again for your interest! And nope, there is no ETA, not at all! :)

  • Thanks again for the reply. Take all the time you guys need. I've watched all the videos and it looks EPIC. Truly epic. I'm excited to see all the systems at work and see what kind of lore you guys have cooked up. I love the site and forum design too, it looks fresh and open. Keep it up guys, I'm rooting for you.

  • @Prometheus What's the size of your team now? I'm starting my game dev career and want to know what problems you've met since the start of the project, if it's not a secret) And if it's not hard I'd appreciate some useful resources. I mean not some tutorials, but intellectual threads (for example, concerning AI system, map system, etc). Something that improves logic)

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